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  2. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use. Alienware was one of the first boutique gaming PC brands to hit the consumer market, and its trademark Alien-like chassis has been no stranger to the world of PC gaming. Ever since buying out the Alienware brand in 2006, Dell has continued to maintain Alienware's legacy by offering a gaming rig with quality components, stalwart warranty, and a staggering array of customization options to satisfy even the most demanding of gamers. A premium pre-built PC usually comes with a daunting price tag. Fortunately, unbeknownst to most shoppers, Dell offers plenty of ways to get these rigs at a respectable price. Our article here compiles all the Alienware deals we've found at significant discounts, and will constantly be updated. Continue reading… View the full article
  3. After teasing a new line of comics on Twitter using the #WhoGetsWarped tag, Marvel has revealed Infinity Warps, one-shot comics that focus on combined Marvel heroes. Coming out of Newsarama, cover art for two of these one-shots have been revealed. The first will focus on an Iron Man and Thor combination called Iron Hammer. The second combines Captain America and Doctor Strange into Soldier Supreme. Though the one-shots will come later, these characters will debut in Infinity Wars Prime #3, due out in September. Various other mashups have been revealed through Marvel employees via Twitter. Continue reading… View the full article
  4. Production has now officially begun on director Andy Muschietti’s IT: Chapter 2. X-Men: Dark Phoenix star James McAvoy — who plays the adult Bill Denbrough in the sequel — recently took to Instagram to release the first pic from the movie’s Toronto set. via Instagram Continue reading… View the full article
  5. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use. After some touchy times there with the Wii U (which I loved anyway), Nintendo is back on extremely strong footing with the Nintendo Switch. It's basically the console with the most pure-Nintendo essence in its history. The hybrid handheld console with the touch screen, HD rumble and motion controls is everything Nintendo has done well and correctly, all mashed into one. But don't count out Nintendo's dedicated handheld yet. The 3DS/2DS family of Nintendo systems still has plenty of life left in it. Even Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime thinks so, telling us Nintendo has unannounced games coming down the line for its super successful 3DS and 2DS family of systems. Both Walmart and Amazon are jockeying for position for the hearts of Nintendo fans, with sales right now on digital Nintendo downloads for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS. Continue reading… View the full article
  6. BioWare's new shared-world, science-fantasy shooter was the biggest game coming out of E3 2018. Now that we know much more about Anthem and its super-powered exo suits called Javelins after the big re-reveal at EA Play there are still a bunch of questions surrounding the game. Fortunately, Mark Darrah, executive producer on Anthem and Dragon Age – and all around helpful person – has launched a crusade to eradicate lingering questions about Anthem on his personal Twitter account. He's been at it for over a week in what he's calling the excellently named #AMAAAA or Ask Me Almost Anything About Anthem. Continue reading… View the full article
  7. With just a few weeks left in Season 4 of Fortnite, some players are concerned they won't reach level 80 to unlock the final reward in time. Reaching level 80 will unlock the final piece of the Omega skin armor. Players need to amass 532,250 XP, an incredible amount considering a well played match gets you around 400 XP without any XP boosts. At the start of Season 4 last month, players calculated a 7,604 XP requirement per day to reach level 80 by the end of the season on July 10. Fortnite features a battle pass that gives players a reward at each of its 100 tiers. Reaching the final tier unlocks the Omega skin, a unique outfit that allows you to add additional parts to the costume through the Omega challenges. A separate level system counts all the XP you've collected over the entire season and is used to unlock these parts, with the final piece unlocking at level 80. Tiers and levels reset with each season. Continue reading… View the full article
  8. After signs earlier this year pointed to a potential third entry in the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare possibly being in the works, a new interview with EA Motive's Jade Raymond confirms that the Plants vs. Zombies franchise is far from dead at the publisher. While EA Motive's main studio in Montreal released Star Wars: Battlefront II last year and is currently working on an untitled Star Wars game, Motive's satellite studio in Vancouver is developing a Plants vs. Zombies game, according to Raymond in a new interview with Edge via Xbox Achievements. Continue reading… View the full article
  9. The Yellow Birds is one of the more puzzling films I’ve seen all year. Not because of some convoluted plot or unconventional cinematography, which might have been interesting given the genre. No, my confusion comes from the film’s uneven qualities. Somehow the film provides a uniquely realistic look at the effects of war while the plot does its best to cloud our view. Based on Kevin Powers’ novel of the same name, The Yellow Birds follows the lives of two soldiers deployed in Iraq. At first, Bartle and Murph (played by Alden Ehrenreich and Tye Sheridan, respectively) go through the usual motions. Both are naïve about what’s going on, I assume because they didn’t actually expect to fight anyone. Bartle, the older of the two, seemingly enlisted because he has nothing else going for him; he’s a bit aimless to say the least. He’s more pessimistic than Murph, who sees his enlistment as an exciting stop before landing a future job or going to college. As things progress and they engage with enemies, their differences become more apparent. They will both struggle to make sense of the fighting and their role in it, their lives forever changed by their harrowing experiences. Continue reading… View the full article
  10. Josh Brolin is getting his own Hulu series. A New York Times profile of the actor reveals Brolin has sold a show to Hulu called The Untitled Josh Brolin Project. The series will be about “a soulless movie star named Josh Brolin who leaves Hollywood, has an ayahuasca trip and becomes a self-help guru.” Brolin will play an actor who looks like him but doesn't actually exist in real life. A premiere date has not been set yet. Brolin most recently starred in Avengers: Infinity War as Thanos and played Cable in Deadpool 2. Continue reading… View the full article
  11. The new issue of Justice League introduces a major status quo shift for an iconic DC villain. Warning: this article contains spoilers for Justice League #2! Even as the Justice League has been expanding in the aftermath of Dark Nights: Metal, Lex Luthor has been intent on establishing the Legion of Doom as the chaos to the League's order. To do so, he's helping his new allies reach new heights of power to better oppose their enemies. In the case of Sinestro, that involves harnessing an entirely new type of Lantern ring. Continue reading… View the full article
  12. WWE and wrestling legend Leon White, aka Big Van Vader, has passed away at age 63. White's son revealed on Twitter he died on Monday night after being diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia around a month ago. Leon White, aka Big Van Vader, image via Metro. Continue reading… View the full article
  13. Max, Alanah, Andrew, and Zach are all back from E3, and in spite of being a little goofy, we're also really excited about the games we saw there. Including (but not limited to) Cyberpunk 2077, Ghost of Tsushima, Control, The Last of Us Part II, Spider-Man, and Kingdom Hearts 3. Obviously, there are a ton we didn't even get to touch on, but luckily, we have a weekly PlayStation show (this one) -- Also, what we're playing: Vampyr, Persona Dancing All Over The Dang Place, Assassin's Creed Origins, and The Witcher 3. Continue reading… View the full article
  14. The funny thing about this latest Batman storyline is that Batman himself is the least important player. The Dark Knight spent the bulk of issue #48 as a silent, passive partner to a scene-stealing Joker. This time around, Batman has almost no presence at all, with Tom King and Mikel Janin focusing all of their attention on the dynamic between Joker and Catwoman. And it quickly becomes apparent that a comic titled "Batman" doesn't actually need Batman to thrive. Continue reading… View the full article
  15. The upcoming sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming will feature a different costume for the titular superhero. Speaking to India West, Homecoming and Ant-Man and the Wasp costume designer Louis Frogley revealed Spidey's suit will undergo some big changes. The new look will seemingly be a direct reaction to Peter Parker's growth as a hero and a man. “I am not actually working on that film, but the costumes will have very big changes because, in the film, Spider-Man becomes more like a man and not a teenager," Frogley said. Continue reading… View the full article
  16. New photos of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in the new Terminator movie have surfaced. The images, which you can view on TheTerminatorFans, feature a hardened Sharah Connor sporting a bulletproof vest, which seems to be holding a couple of grenades. The Terminator reboot also stars Arnold Schwarzenegger alongside franchise newcomer Mackenzie Davis. Deadpool director Tim Miller will helm the film, which will serve as a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Continue reading… View the full article
  17. New content for The Sims 4 is being planned for the next three years. Speaking to Variety, Grant Rodiek, senior producer on The Sims 4, revealed that, with the Sims 4: Seasons due for release this week, he is already in meetings discussing content plans for next three years of the game. Though Rodiek wouldn't go into details as to what these plans may consist of, he did tease, “Seasons is just the tip of the iceberg." Rodiek previously assured fans the team plan on producing content "for years", when some Sims fans grew concerned over the future of the game, which came out four years ago, due to the departure of some senior members of The Sims 4 team. Continue reading… View the full article
  18. Welcome to IGN's Daily Deals, your source for the best deals on the stuff you actually want to buy. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use. Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to get the latest deals. Gloomhaven Board Game for $133.25 Continue reading… View the full article
  19. Be sure to visit IGN Tech for all the latest comprehensive hands-on reviews and best-of roundups. Note that if you click on one of these links to buy the product, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use. If you need a small, ambidextrous mouse for your laptop bag, the $29.99 Roccat Lua (See it on Amazon) is a cheap addition for your mobile gaming arsenal. It’s Roccat’s newest and least expensive gaming mouse as well as the company’s take on the traditional three-button mouse. It has a fairly low DPI ceiling at just 2,000 DPI maximum, making it an odd entry in the budget-friendly mouse market. Continue reading… View the full article
  20. For the first time in the series Forza Horizon 4 is a shared world game. It’s a big change, and one which Playground Games creative director Ralph Fulton describes as a “huge paradigm shift.” It’s also a potentially a concerning one for some but, as it’s still optional, it probably shouldn’t be. First and foremost, the nature of Forza Horizon 4’s shared world changes the other racers you’ll see while cruising around the open world. In Forza Horizon 2 and 3, the cars you saw hooning around the environment were what the Forza series dubs Drivatars; AI powered driver profiles drawn from your friends list and beyond. In Forza Horizon 4 we’ll still race against Drivatars when we start an event, but the cars you’ll encounter in free roam will now be real people within a 72-player server. The reason Playground Games is doing this is because the team believes that real players will exhibit more interesting, more unpredictable, and more fun behaviour than they could ever program into Drivatars. Continue reading… View the full article
  21. Rumors are suggesting that Amazon's buzzed-about Lord of the Rings series - which is reportedly locked in for five seasons (with the first two seasons alone potentially costing as much as $500 million - will focus on a younger version of Aragorn, the part famously played by Viggo Mortensen in the Peter Jackson trilogy. Funnily enough, the film role was originally filled by actor Stuart Townsend and he was let go from production, after training for two months, because Jackson thought Townsend was too young. Now it seems that a 20-something Aragorn is the direction Amazon wants to go with its show and Townsend is, once again, the wrong age. Continue reading… View the full article
  22. Send in your slickest, speediest, and most death-defying clips during The Crew 2 Open Beta. View the full article
  23. Aquaman will feature Atlanteans riding seahorses, just like the comics, except we're calling them sea dragons now. James Wan's take on Aquaman is aiming to be a far cry from the comics, where the character has become a bit of a running joke. Aquaman's trusty steed will also be getting a change of image, having been re-branded as a 'sea dragon' that will carry Atlanteans into battle alongside a host of other aquatic creatures. EW has an exclusive first look at a new batch of official photos from the film, including one of an underwater gathering of Atlanteans astride their various underwater mounts: Continue reading… View the full article
  24. Street Fighter 5 is getting the equivalent of loot boxes as part of this week's big update. Street Fighter 5 is getting an update this week which makes improvements to Survival Mode and adds new obtainable skins. However, the update also introduces a system called Fighting Chance. Fighting Chance sees playable character Menat opening her own Fortune Teller establishment. If you spend 500 Fight Money (the in-game currency), you will get a 'Fantasy Fortune Reading', which contains multiple, random items - some of which are exclusive to Fighting Chance. Continue reading… View the full article
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