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#190465 Dev Diaries v1.8

Posted by Craig on 19 February 2012 - 12:29 PM

[b]Craig's priorites:[/b]

1. Rewrite the lighting engine.

The rewrite will:

[*]Fix lighting lag.
[*]Fix lighting glitches.
[*]Enable smooth transition from Day to Night and back to Day (Day/Night Cycle).

2. Day/Night Cycle

3. Fix existing bugs.

4. I'm hoping a side effect of the lighting rewrite will allow the game to:

[*]Use a fraction of the current runtime RAM, effectively removing all OutOfMemory errors in all but the rarest of cases (memory fragmentation).
[*]Reduce the loading time of saved maps to only a few seconds, and also reduce the loading time of new maps (but not as much as existing maps).
[*]Allow larger map sizes.


[b]Dennis' priorities:[/b]

1. Complete the AI engine to the point we can add a couple of new Mobs.


[b]Stephens' priorites:[/b]

1. Finish the default HD texture pack.
2. Mob models.
3. Look into a themed HD texture pack (or two).
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#18425 A plea from the Total Miner Devs

Posted by Craig on 25 June 2011 - 05:17 AM

Hello good people.

If you purchase the game and like it, could you please take a few minutes to rate the game.

We cannot over exaggerate how important ratings are on the XBLIG channel.

More (high) ratings = ability for us to continue to add lots more fun (and free) content to Total Miner.

Yours faithfully,
The Total Miner Team
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#177565 HD Texture Pack's

Posted by Musical Egg on 28 January 2012 - 09:32 PM

Hello, My name is Musical Egg...

I am making two High Definition Texture packs...

The 'Venture' Texture Pack - A more realistic texture pack, with an theme of adventure in the air, lots of detail, and looks very rustic and beautiful.

Mystery- To Be Decided, By You Hopefully.

I will work on the venture texture pack, and then will start work on the Big City texture pack.

Both texture packs will be updated regularly HERE.

'Venture' Texture Pack



From Left To Right:

1. Total Invaders - Thought id redo this... you like?
2. TNT Top/Bottom
3. TNT Side
4. Wood - I think Ive nailed this one, although some lighting effects could be added, looks good up close, tiles well, what do you think?
5. Chest (Front) - Again, I think this is fine, the shadows really help it look good, Tell me what you think of this one also...
6. Workbench - Fits with all the rest of the blocks, looks nice, im happy with this one.
7. Cobblestone - Quite nice, im happy with this one, I haven't the time to make it perfect, but tell me if there is any serious problem with it...
8. Sun Box - Looks Nice
9. Mossy cobble - Nothing spectacular, just cobble with a green line running through it, might change this later...
10. Dirt - I know its a recycled cobble, but if it is like this in game it will be good, it will all be on a common theme... Plus it looks good.
11. Grass - Somebody said I should do some darker shading, here it is, it looks better.
12. Grass (top)
13. Wood Veneer
14. Bricks - Made the filling more contrasting.
15. Tree
16. Sand
17. Carbon - This, along with sand, was made by recoloring the grass texture, im surprised at how realistic it looks.
18. Rock Layer - Im not deciding which one until the end of the Texture pack, this goes for all rock textures.
19. Sky Colour
20. Sign texture - This works with black text the text is easy to read.
21. Glass - Made this lighter.
14. Sandstone
15. Gold - Tiles Beautifully...
16. Iron - Worked hard to get that scratched effect, started a fresh with this, and most of this is pencil work, took a hell of a lot of effort...
17. Titanium - Its not jet black, but it has to be atleast a shade of black, a re-worked version of the iron texture.
18. Red - All of the Coloured blocks have a woolen sort of feel to them.
19. Dark Red
20. Blue
21. Black



From Left To Right:

1. Gold Bar
2. Iron Bar
3. Steel Bar
4. Stick
5. Wood Pick
6. Wood Sword
7. Titanium Carbide
8. Iron Sword
9. Steel Sword

Thinking of making the swords diagonal, for nostalgia, and the fact that you cant see most of the sword when it is vertical...

If you like, or support my texture pack(S) , then [size="7"][color="#00FF00"]+1[/color][/size] Me Please.
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#168655 Dev Diaries v1.7

Posted by Craig on 16 January 2012 - 07:20 AM

Here I will list stuff we have already added to v1.7, hence confirmed.

[*]Bug that caused the game to freeze when accepting a player invite. Fixed.
[*]Locked Bow/Arrow/Flint Flake on v1.1 Creative maps. Fixed (for real this time).
[*]Zones (Spawn, Non Edit, Non PvP).
[*]Admin target added to Senty Turrets.
[*]Player ghosting [i](this was pulled from 1.7 at last minute. There were still too many glitches that needed ironing out and time had run out).[/i]
[*]More Nameplate settings.

Note: Survival is being worked on behind the scenes. I will update it's progress in a separate thread.

[color="#8B0000"]Note2: This thread is open, for discussion of above features only. If you ask about features not listed above, I'll delete your post.[/color]

Ok, change of tactic on this thread.
If your question is already answered, I'm going to delete it to reduce the spam, making it easier to find answers.
So if you post a question, and it gets deleted, then you know the answer is already posted, so check the thread.

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#100947 My texture pack. Npc block, Bow and blocks.

Posted by Vox Pixuli on 11 October 2011 - 09:57 AM

[color="#000000"]This is the texture pack that I made, it was recorded during a testing session.
Let me know what you think. If you do like my texture pack [color="#008000"]+1[/color] this post and comment so the devs know that its popular.
This may increase the chances of getting it into the game.

[color="#FF0000"]Edit:[/color] ALSO: My YouTube account has been spammed with messages asking if the bed is really THAT wide.....
The answer is ~ NO that is two beds next to each other.

[color="#FF0000"]Edit:[/color] I am part of the testing team. That is how I was able to make this video.
I also have permission to post this video.
And just to let everyone know, This is NOT the 2.0 video. This is just a little texture pack show off.
Durandal will be posting a 2.0 video shortly.

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#130995 Dev Diaries

Posted by Craig on 23 November 2011 - 10:24 AM

Here is some things we have planned for future updates.

This is not the complete list.

[*]Bug Fixes (naturally)
[*]Survival (naturally)
[*]Predefined chat messages.
[*]Finish the Fence block
[*]Creative Flooding (most blocks)
[*]Components (copy/paste/save/load/share/templates)
[*]Top down map
[*]Player ground shadows
[*](Possible/not confirmed) Ability to define custom Texture packs by mix n matching textures from all tex packs.
[*]HD Textures (64 x 64) and Item models (32 x 32). Optional.

[b]Server / World Database:[/b]

[*]You can enter any custom description text against any world you visit, like a notebook.
[*]Favourites have been added to the Join screen filter (it will only show worlds that are on your favourites list).
[*]You can join a map directly from your favourites list (if it is currently hosted).
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#7191 IWlOgotbanned's MW2 Lobbies

Posted by IWlOgotbanned on 25 March 2013 - 04:11 AM



Welcome To IWlOgotbanned's Lobbies     




STATUS: OPEN - Taking Lobby Rentals/Individual Accounts
HOST: IWlOgotbanned

Hello and welcome to my lobbies!


$2 Paypal = Unlock All, Any Prestige, Custom Classes, Infections, Modded Stats
FREE!! = 10th Prestige
Lobby Rental = $1 per minute for unlimited friends/unlock all/10th/infections/custom classes/fun in modded lobby! - MINIMUM 10 MINUTES!

Must send as gift and leave your gamertag in the notes  :) 





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#7192 IWlOgotbanned's MW2 Lobbies

Posted by IWlOgotbanned on 25 March 2013 - 04:24 AM


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#94393 Here's the answers to all your "UPDATE" questions...+Peer Review!

Posted by GrimReapaa on 02 October 2011 - 04:21 AM

*Edit: This thread has been updated for current and future versions.

Okay guys, I notice there are SEVERAL and I mean SEVERAL posts in the Q&A about the update. These posts are ALWAYS and ALWAYS along the line of what is going to be IN the next update and WHEN it will be released. Well, if everyone did a bit of searching (it's that bar in the upper right hand part of the website, doesn't hurt to click it) along the lines of "Dev Diaries" or "<version here> Update" you are bound to find your answers in any thread.

All these threads seem to be answered in some way relating to the DEV DIARIES. This thread is at the top of the forum page under "Development Updates" and "Dev Diaries v2.0" or any other version. This provides ALLLLL and EVERY little bit of information that we know for SURE that will be released in 2.0 or any other version.

What will be in future versions? Well, click this link and find out, if you are a tad too lazy to search.

Thank you for your time, and I hope this thread is read BEFORE you think about posting a Q&A about what will be in the update. It's beginning to get very annoying, and I don't think Bob is enjoying reply after reply of the same thing and constant clicks of locking the same thread over and over.

P.S We don't mind it if you ask about details of a certain thing in the update, and when you do, Craig will most likely reply with a confirmed answer or reputable members may answer, too. It's just the fact that posting things such as:
"When will the update be out?"

become very annoying. Please note that the update will come out as soon as possible, and has been announced as v2.0 around the beginning of September. This update is taking a very long time and why? Because constant messages to Craig about when the update will be out and having Craig read every single message is not supporting the update one bit. As a matter of fact, it is making the update come out longer because Craig has to take a good minute out of his day (which can be put into work on the update) to reading and replying to your message. Craig is the only developer and is one of the only developers that is truly dependent on the community's moral. He is also trying every little bit to add features that were not confirmed in the update, as to surprise the community and increase the happiness of the fan-base for a much longer period. Remember, a longer time consumption on the work at hand means that you are most likely rewarded with a better gaming experience.

Confused? Well, here's a graph to display what I mean.

Credits to IllogicTC for the graph.

Please remember that Craig is also the only developer of the game as of now. Craig has explained why he is the only worker of the game as of now, he is the only person developing the game because he wants to give us the update instead of training a larger team (which would take ages) to work on the game to his standards. He is simply the only developer because with more developers at this exact time, it would take even longer to deliver the update. There may be more in the future, but for now, Craig is busy and would be even more busy if there was a team to work on the game.

Overall, please note that the update is only taking so long because Craig is being Craig, a hard working developer with little time in his day to work in the first place. Please be patient and it will come out sooner, constantly asking though, will not support the time one bit. Just take the time to get up, insert another game, and play.

Another note, when the update is released all you have to do is start up your Total Miner (connected to XBL, no gold required) and an update notice will appear on your screen. Press accept and bam, the update will be installed and applied to the game. That is WHEN the update is released, though.

[b]Peer Review[/b]

When an update is finished, it will need to enter a process called 'Peer Review', of which takes from 48 hours to 2 weeks. The review time may be extended. This process involves a committee of some sort in the XNA development area.

[*]10 members review the update, thoroughly scanning for bugs and glitches and other factors that determine the games appropriateness.
[*]The members are able to reject or accept the update.
[*]A random number (I believe the amount is never the same. Update 1.1 took 10, 1.5 now takes 8.) of acceptions are required to pass.
[*] Once the update has passed, it will be in the marketplace or updated at midnight, -9 GMT. So basically, just add another day to this process.


This message applies to all updates. Upcoming, future, an hour from now, even next year's updates.[/b]

Edit (10/31/11): All Peer Review information has been confirmed by this thread: [url]http://totalminerforums.com/topic/9845-v15-peer-review-discussion-thread/[/url]
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#190483 Wanted: Writer(s)

Posted by Craig on 19 February 2012 - 12:53 PM

As some will know, I'm interested in incorporating a Quest system into the game.

The Quest system will allow players to create their own Quests for others to play, but it will also allow Greenstone Games to provide some built in story and extra gameplay to the game.

So I would like to talk to people who would be interested in writing the Total Miner stories.

We will need an underlying background story to set the theme, and then a number of other stories incorporated into quests, in the theme of the background story.

I want the stories to incorporate mythological archetypes, particularly the myths around the Hero Journey (the same mythological archetypes used in the Star Wars story and countless other movies, games and books).

If you are a professional writer, have knowledge of world mythologies and are interested in writing for Total Miner, please PM me.

It will be paid work, so professional writers only please.

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#161979 I found the 1.65 seed

Posted by the other guy on 07 January 2012 - 12:55 PM

20071969 is the new seed!
its a moon based world!
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#79875 Facebook Like Contest (Robotic Avatar)

Posted by Durandal on 12 September 2011 - 05:03 AM

Hello Total Miner Community,

We're hosting a Facebook Like Competition [url="[url]http://www.facebook.com/teamtotalminer"]here[/url][/url]!

[b]Facebook Post:[/b] ([url="[url]http://www.facebook.com/teamtotalminer/posts/155513007870694"]Located[/url] here[/url])
"Interested in winning a Robotic Avatar!? ([url]http://totalminerforums.com/index.php?/topic/7080-facebook-like-contest-robotic-avatar/[/url]) Like both our page, and this post, and you'll have a chance to win yourself the Robotic Avatar! We'll pick a random like'r tomorrow!"

[b]How to enter:[/b]
- Like our Facebook page located [url="[url]http://www.facebook.com/teamtotalminer"]here[/url][/url].
- Like the official contest post located [url="[url]http://www.facebook.com/teamtotalminer/posts/155513007870694"]here[/url][/url].

[b]How we pick the winner:[/b]
- First, we'll take all the Facebook username's that have finished the criteria to enter, and make a numbered list, giving each contendant a number.
- Second, we'll use Random.org, and generate a number, the number generated, is the user that will win the Robotic Avatar.

- Robotic Avatar ([url="[url]http://totalminerforums.com/index.php?/topic/6534-robotic-avatar-competitions-coming-up/"]Click[/url] here for more information on the Robotic Avatar[/url])

[i]The winner will have the Robotic Avatar unlocked when the v2.0 update is released.[/i]

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#195294 Dev Diaries v1.8

Posted by Craig on 26 February 2012 - 12:26 PM

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#18737 READ FIRST - How to Post your Ideas!

Posted by network on 26 June 2011 - 03:19 AM

Well guys after seeing how many people are posting there ideas we now have these rules!

1. The [color="#FF0000"]title MUST be your idea[/color]. Not just My Ideas, EX: Above Ground Jumping/Flying Mobs
2.[color="#FF0000"] Search[/color] [color="#FF0000"]BEFORE[/color] you post the idea to make sure it has not already been posted.
3. In the post be sure to describe exactly how the idea works and how it will look!

Other than that, Happy Thoughts!

- Nick
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#156907 Robotic Avatar Contest! Enter the Castle!

Posted by network on 31 December 2011 - 08:58 PM

Hey guys I am hosting a contest for a robotic avatar.
There can only be one winner and it is required that you[b] read every rule before entering.[/b]

[u][b]The contest:[/b][/u]
The contest is as follows. Four buddies and I (Digitalowner23, Earl, Aristoteles and Kr57) have built a un-enterable castle. It is highly secured with turrets, locked doors, spikes, lava and much more. You start off with a certain amount of blocks in the spawn and must use the blocks you start off with to attempt to get to the flag on top of the castle. You can either use only the blocks you start off with or collect more blocks from a "Block Game" that we set up which is the teleporter behind the spawn, but be careful the block game is difficult and secured so it is a risk you are taking. Each player that applies will get 3 lives and one 3 minute try. The first person to get to the flag on top of the castle will recieve a robotic avatar in the next update.

[*]Must have a cleared item inventory putting all items in desired chest.
[*]Must have a microphone on xbox to talk to us and recieve instructions.
[*]3 lives only.
[*]3 Minutes to complete.
[*]One player attempts to enter the castle at a time.
[*]No flying is allowed will be disabled.
[*]No shops will be present only blocks given or earned in the block game.

[u][b]How to enter:[/b][/u]
In order to enter you must post in this thread in the [b]SPECIFIC FORMAT BELOW![/b] if you fail to do so you will not be entered.

Forum username:
Xbox Live Gamertag:
Time available to attempt:
I have read and understand all of the rules: Yes / No (choose one)
I give permission to be put on the youtube: Yes / No (choose one)

The contest will start at the time of this post and we will do as many people as possible each day starting today and tonight! All entries will be recorded and put into a montage on the youtube! We plan to do more challenges like this!

[b]If this says online it means we are currently up and running! [/b]: [color="red"][size="5"][b]OFFLINE[/b][/size][/color]

[u]If the thread says ONLINE then post and send me a message that you did [b]GT: Nickev Dev[/b] if it says OFFLINE then DO NOT![/u]

Good luck! Start applying now!
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#117414 World Seed Database

Posted by millergram on 03 November 2011 - 10:03 PM

alrighty now so I hope to make an extensive database of seeds for worlds
(seeds is the string of numbers located in the seeds part of the world option they generate a basic world based off those numbers)

For instance if you want a world that is hilly with a lot of water not clustered and has someting of a central body of water the enter: 131579236
Please post your seed numbers and a desctription of what we are getting with that seed in this topic or craig explaing seeds in detail in a pinned topic with some seeds for world

884843408: medium to large hills, central land mass with medium pools of water surrounding it, not clustered by trees, even mix between land and water
735356093: mountinus with medium sized lake that cuts half way around a central bodie of land mostly land Some stray pools of water
412123616: small to medium hills, large bodies of water surrounding the hills, very open not to many trees and mostly water
1432250778: large amount of rivers cuting all around land masses medium tress and about 4 caves
966824639: Very mountinus with medium to small lakes and a large body of water at the edge of the map
691018914: super flat not many trees very large amounts of water and shore line 12 surface blue prints
1696799764: somewhat flat with large amounts of water good amount of trees and crazy cave systems
35907065: very hilly medium amounts of water and weird cave systems lots of trees

[Edit Craig] Ok in order to keep this thread clear, Mods will remove any posts that 1) don't give a seed number, 2) ask a question or 3) don't add value to a previously posted seed
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#110022 The Best Pixel Art World Ever?

Posted by Squashington on 25 October 2011 - 01:25 PM

I have made a world completely FULL of pixel arts, it also has a 100x100 pyramid. I really wanted to record my world but i couldn't, however a big thanks to bTdPROMO for recordin my world and uploading it to youtube.

Go ahead and leave some feedback for me and gimme a little +1

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#127728 New Developer

Posted by Craig on 18 November 2011 - 12:39 PM

I've been in talks with several developers this week.

Dennis will join me as the 2nd programmer in a couple of weeks. He has some other stuff to finish off first.

Dennis will be responsible for the character AI engine. This engine will power the intelligent behaviour for all Mobs and NPC's.

Our target is for the engine to handle intelligent behaviour for hundreds of characters simultaneously and online. We want to deliver a serious combat and survival experience.

The engine will also have an interface that can be supplied to modders so that maybe we can get some cool community powered Mobs aswell.
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#123341 List of Previously Posted Ideas

Posted by jjshanle on 10 November 2011 - 06:09 AM

This is an INCOMPLETE list. I only reviewed 20 pages out of about 60. Here is what I've come up with...

Thanks to [url="[url]http://totalminerforums.com/user/4921-kinslayer2852/"]kinslayer2852[/url][/url] for the rough alphabetical order!

Special thanks to [url="[url]http://totalminerforums.com/user/5068-mechawho/"]MechaWho[/url][/url] for the links!

*NOTE: Some links may not work...*

***** LAST UPDATED ....... 12/6/2011 *****

3rd Person - 

Age - http://totalminerfor...topic/1275-age/
Air ballons - [url]http://totalminerfor...96-air-ballons/[/url]
Armor - [url]http://totalminerfor...1-armour-ideas/[/url]
Arrow Types - [url]http://totalminerfor...61-arrow-types/[/url]
Avatars - http://totalminerfor...ic/111-avatars/

Backpacks - [url]http://totalminerfor...-backpack-block[/url]
Baskets - [url]http://totalminerfor...arrying-baskets[/url]
Bears, wolves, deer, zombies, worms - [url]http://totalminerfor...emy-idea-thread[/url]
Binoculars - [url]http://totalminerfor...1694-binoculars[/url]
Biomes - [url]http://totalminerfor...es-and-tsunamis[/url]
Blow dart gun - [url]http://totalminerforums.com/topic/12933-blow-dart-gun[/url]
Boats - [url]http://totalminerfor...ter-exploration[/url]
Boomerangs - [url]http://totalminerfor...1477-boomerangs[/url]
Break-proof brock (Admin only) - [url]http://totalminerfor...-helpful-blocks[/url]

C4 Detonator - [url]http://totalminerfor...nator-for-tntc4[/url]
Canning - [url]http://totalminerfor...c/11906-canning[/url]
Cannons - [url]http://totalminerfor...1374-cannons-xd[/url]
Casino Blocks - [url]http://totalminerfor...2-casino-blocks[/url]
Catapults and automated turrets - [url]http://totalminerfor...apons-and-ideas[/url]
Cement - [url]http://totalminerfor...pic/2128-cement[/url]
Clans - [url]http://totalminerfor...964-a-few-ideas[/url]
Clock - [url]http://totalminerfor...945-clock-block[/url]
Cloud block - [url]http://totalminerforums.com/topic/13380-cloud-blocks-cells-what-have-you/page__pid__125669#entry125669[/url]
Construction Machines - [url]http://totalminerfor...rm-simple-tasks[/url]
Conveyer Belts - [url]http://totalminerfor...2-conveyer-belt[/url]
Coordinates - [url]http://totalminerfor...331-coordinates[/url]
Copper/Wire - [url]http://totalminerfor...opic/112-copper[/url]
Couches - [url]http://totalminerfor.../962-tv-coaches[/url]
Crossbow -
Custom Blueprints (for houses) - [url]http://totalminerfor...stom-blueprints[/url]

Day and Night Survival and hopefully Dig Deep in 2.0 - [url]http://totalminerfor...-and-night-idea[/url]
Dinosaur bones - [url]http://totalminerfor...-on-the-surface[/url]
Directional explosives - [url]http://totalminerfor...-shaped-charges[/url]
Donkeys (to carry more) - [url]http://totalminerfor...1594-cool-ideas[/url]
Double sided blocks - [url]http://totalminerfor...le-sided-blocks[/url]
Downloadable content - [url]http://totalminerfor...-gamer-pictures[/url]
Dreams - [url]http://totalminerfor...pic/9525-dreams[/url]
Drinks - [url]http://totalminerfor...ke-mead-or-beer[/url]
Dual wielding (effectiveness) - [url]http://totalminerfor...-really-helpful[/url]
Dungeons - [url]http://totalminerfor...d-bigger-worlds[/url]
Dye - [url]http://totalminerfor.../4217-color-dye[/url]

Eclipse - [url]http://totalminerfor...6-solar-eclipse[/url]
Electricity/Circuits - [url]http://totalminerfor...123-electricity[/url]
Electronics - [url]http://totalminerfor...8770-flashlight[/url]
Equipment attributes - [url]http://totalminerfor...your-equipment/[/url]
Explosive effects - [url]http://totalminerfor...plosive-effects[/url]
Extra arcade lives - [url]http://totalminerfor...in-arcadw-games[/url]

Farms - [url]http://totalminerfor...topic/364-farms[/url]
Fatigue (tired/hungry) - [url]http://totalminerfor...val-mode-aspect[/url]
Fences (in 1.6) - [url]http://totalminerfor...nce-or-railings[/url]
Fishing - [url]http://totalminerfor...topic/1855-fish[/url]
Fishing Rod - [url]http://totalminerfor...w-ways-for-food[/url]
Flags/Crest - [url]http://totalminerfor...opic/4422-flags[/url]
Flamethrower - [url]http://totalminerfor...owerwood-chiper[/url]
Flashlight/Batteries - [url]http://totalminerfor...123-electricity[/url]

Gas pockets - [url]http://totalminerfor...poisonous-gases[/url]
Gears - [url]http://totalminerfor...ctrical-devices[/url]
Glow blocks - [url]http://totalminerfor...5-block-effects[/url]
Godzilla - [url]http://totalminerfor...ic/1853-godzila[/url]
Gold tools - [url]http://totalminerfor...itegold-pickaxe[/url]
Grappling hook - [url]http://totalminerfor...-grappling-hook[/url]
Greenstone tools - [url]http://totalminerfor...ols-and-weapons[/url]
Grills - [url]http://totalminerfor...rons-and-grills[/url]
Gunpowder - [url]http://totalminerfor.../1431-gunpowder[/url]
Guns/Ammo - [url]http://totalminerfor...uns-and-pistols[/url]

Hard hats - [url]http://totalminerfor...c/990-hard-hats[/url]
Hinges and joints
Hold 'A' to bounce - [url]http://totalminerfor...old-a-to-bounce[/url]
Horizontal shingles - [url]http://totalminerfor...i-hope-you-like[/url]
Hostile mobs - [url]http://totalminerfor...day-night-cycle[/url]
House design crafting bench - [url]http://totalminerfor...i-hope-you-like[/url]
Hunting - [url]http://totalminerfor...ic/9963-hunting[/url]

Ice (with physics) - [url]http://totalminerfor...topic/11709-ice[/url]
In-game 3D glasses - [url]http://totalminerfor...i-hope-you-like[/url]
In-game achievements - [url]http://totalminerfor...me-achievements[/url]

Jukebox - [url]http://totalminerfor...c/4669-juke-box[/url]

Lanterns - [url]http://totalminerfor...ic/9267-lantern[/url]
Leaves (speed in which they are chopped) -
Level system - [url]http://totalminerfor...exp-points-idea[/url]
Light bulb - [url]http://totalminerfor...-bulblamp-shade[/url]
Liquid physics (water/lava) -
Lock chests and doors with keys - [url]http://totalminerfor.../3926-new-ideas[/url]
Locks/Locked blocks - [url]http://totalminerfor...280-a-few-ideas[/url]

Magic - [url]http://totalminerfor...pic/11419-magic[/url]
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#153243 percentage bar to see how close we are to get unlockables.

Posted by Hades! on 27 December 2011 - 06:19 PM

as you all know some unlockables take time like the golden knight/the pirate etc... well my idea was that when you hover over an unlock able in the menu it shows you a fraction/percent so you can see "oh i am halfway to finishing the caveman or something like that like i have 30/50 spiders killed for the knight... this will make life easier to get the knight and more... because i've been killing spiders since 1.6 hoping i've killed 50 before i dig
with this it'd be easier to get some unlock ables like the astronaut, golden knight, knight, terminator, soldier, etc.

[color="#0000FF"][size="7"][font="Impact"]AND POST A COMMENT SO THE DEVS CAN HEAR YOUR OPINION ON THIS TOPIC![/font][/size][/color]
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