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  1. Monitorize

    Sup I'm Figofami

    Welcome to XM! Need any help at all please feel free to pm me or a staff member! We will do our best to assist you! Enjoy your stay.
  2. Monitorize


    Aight sounds good no worries real life comes first then internet hope you have fun! and hope she lives longer. Sorry.
  3. Monitorize

    Project Unknown 8/19/13

    get on aim then Edit: i did not sticky this topic. this user has bought a sticky for a month from the marketplace. thank you.
  4. Monitorize

    New New Method To Go Online 8/19/2013

    http://gyazo.com/6589d28fe186f906cd275fa46781de73 Lol topic closed. http://gyazo.com/99903e1ee130fce87b607250c4bcaa44
  5. Monitorize

    New New Method To Go Online 8/19/2013

    Where is the proof? You hav 24 hours to provide proof or else topic will be closed. You try to sell/advertise without proof then you will be banned/suspended thank you.
  6. Monitorize

    Random Stuff

    Welcome to XM! Need any help or have any questions please pm me or a staff member!
  7. Monitorize

    Hi Im Bad :))

    Welcome to XM need any help or have any questions pm me or a staff member. Enjoy your stay!.
  8. Monitorize

    Hello Im Legit Iso Seller

    Welcome to XM! Enjoy your stay and have fun! need any help please pm me or a staff member.
  9. just bought it :) looks nice testing bo2 stuf now edit works good :D
  10. I allowed him to post here any flaming about it being posted here will result in a warning. Also im gonna be buying this tool in a minute ;)
  11. Monitorize

    What Is Your Dream Rank For Xm

    Member would be mine or shoot even banned ;)
  12. Monitorize

    When Did U Start Modding?

    I started modding like in 08 there was a site called Picnicmodz.com which is down now :( P.S if your going to post a url please put the url only is the site is down if its not down then dont say the url.
  13. Over 100 console bans ;) 100+ account bans and currently on a 14 day ban for cummunication or something like that on my main,
  14. Monitorize

    Adding A Shoutbox Bot

    Please provide downloads from invision power board. thank you and i think we already have this installed but disabled.
  15. Monitorize

    Theme Change (For Monitorize To Read)

    Ask tyson to make a darker version ;)