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  2. Sell your perfect pelts to trappers for special rewards in RDR2. View the full article
  3. The protagonist of Death Stranding suffers from a condition called DOOMS - see what it all means and how it effects Sam. View the full article
  4. Aphenphosmphobia is an important part of Death Stranding. Learn more about what it means with IGN's Death Stranding guide. View the full article
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  6. With a new Star Wars movie just around the corner, fans of the franchise have a lot to look forward to in the coming months and years. While The Rise of Skywalker is (hopefully) set to offer fans a satisfying ended to the Skywalker Saga, Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced there are more Disney+ Star Wars shows in development than previously noted. Continue reading… View the full article
  7. Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN's weekly video game podcast. This week we're discussing Death Stranding, the most important games of the 2010s, the 1990 Video Game Buyer's Guide, and more. Watch the video above or hit the link below to your favorite podcast service. Listen on: Apple Podcasts YouTube Spotify Stitcher View the full article
  8. Marvel Studios is lining up writing talent for two of its upcoming Disney+ shows. Both She-Hulk and Moon Knight have head writers. The Hollywood Reporter reveals Rick and Morty writer Jessica Gao has been picked to oversee writing on She-Hulk. Gao may be best known for penning the Emmy-winning episode "Pickle Rick," which would seem to indicate the tone Marvel is aiming for with this series. Also per The Hollywood Reporter, The Umbrella Academy's Jeremy Slater will serve as head writer on Moon Knight. Slater created and developed the Netflix adaptation of the comic book series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. Continue reading… View the full article
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally landed on PC and, launch woes aside, it’s glorious. If you have the gaming PC to run it, it is one of the most visually stunning games available today. But what does it take to run it? That’s the question we’re out to answer. We tested half a dozen of the most popular graphics cards today and put them up against the game’s meaty, system-straining benchmark. Wondering if your PC is up to the task? Saddle up and let’s find out. Continue reading… View the full article
  10. Warning: this article contains spoilers for Titans: Season 2, Episode 10! If you need a refresher on where we left off, here's our review for Season 2, Episode 9. And then check out our feature comparing DC Universe to the upcoming HBO Max service. As much as Titans has taken on more comic book trappings in Season 2, this is still a much darker take on that source material at the end of the day. "Fallen" is a stark reminder of that fact, transforming an already grim superhero series into a prison drama of all things. But while this episode manages to tie some of the show's many loose ends together, it's not clear why the series needs to shift in such a dramatically different direction. Continue reading… View the full article
  11. Right now Amazon has deals on a ton of Nerf blasters, from the drum-fed Megalodon to the tripod-mounted Rhino-Fire blaster. Whether you are looking for a small concealable blaster, or something you can use to survive a siege on your pillow fort, we've collected a list of the best Nerf deals. If you are anything like me, you've probably needed to let loose a barrage of squishy rage upon your siblings or friends, so take advantage of these deals, pick up some of these, and get to blasting your friends. Best Deal: Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster for $69.99 Get it on Amazon for $69.99 Continue reading… View the full article
  12. Black Friday lands on November 29 this year, but you probably won't even be done chewing your Thanksgiving turkey before the deals begin. And after the weekend, you can save on more items thanks to Cyber Monday on December 2. If you're in the market for an Xbox One console, games, or accessories, you'll probably want to know what deals you can expect to find. Below, we've gathered all of the best Xbox One Black Friday deals announced so far. Note that these deals are not live yet. Black Friday Xbox One Console Deals Microsoft Store's Black Friday Xbox One Deals Continue reading… View the full article
  13. Find out how to recharge and repair the Reverse Trike Motorcycle to complete deliveries in style in Death Stranding View the full article
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    Best Gifts Under $25 2019

    Have a lot of people on your list, or just looking to round out your gift-giving this holiday? These are the best gifts you can give for under $25. View the full article
  15. Collect all the dinosaur bones for a reward in RDR2. View the full article
  16. Billie Lourd, daughter of the late Carrie Fisher, wrote an emotional essay about her mother and how she is proud to have become the "Keeper of Princess Leia." Lourd wrote her story on Time and began by saying how she "grew up with three parents: a mom, a dad, and Princess Leia." She compared Princess Leia to her stepmom - "technically family, but deep down didn't really like her." "She literally and metaphorically lived on a planet I had never been to," Lourd wrote. "When Leia was around, there wasn’t as much room for my mom–for Carrie. As a child, I couldn’t understand why people loved Leia as much as they did. I didn’t want to watch her movie, I didn’t want to dress up like her, I didn’t even want to talk about her. I just wanted my mom–the one who lived on Earth, not Tatooine." Continue reading… View the full article
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    Pistol Whip Review

    My favorite virtual reality games to date are the ones that find the middle ground between giving you full control over movement and having you stand in place. Pistol Whip deserves comparison to virtual reality highlights like Beat Saber and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission thanks to a similar approach to camera management that moves everything around you in order to let you focus on where it excels: the shooting and the intense, driving soundtrack. Pistol Whip takes the familiar but largely forgotten genre of the arcade on-rails shooter best known for Time Crisis and House of the Dead, places you in a strange, pulsating environment, and couples it with score incentives to fire your bullets on a rhythm. You won’t find a story conceit for why you’re steadily floating along a series of abstract, predetermined paths where bad guys want to shoot you, and that’s just fine. The look of the world and thumping soundtrack are enough to keep me engaged and firing at enemies, and making their low-detail forms collapse into a pile of pixels is rewarding every single time. Continue reading… View the full article
  18. A stream of new content is headed to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this Friday, November 8. Additionally, Activision revealed that the new battle pass system is set to be implemented later this year in December. Per tomorrow's update, fans will be treated to two new maps and will see the addition of the Hardpoint game mode. Activision and Infinity Ward have decided to get rid of its traditional season pass system and opt into a battle pass instead. The decision to get rid of the season pass means that future map additions and game modes will come to all players on all platforms for no extra cost. Continue reading… View the full article
  19. Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has weighed in on the news from this week that Fortnite pro Faze Jarvis received a lifetime ban for cheating in the game. Blevins suggested the punishment was too extreme, especially since Jarvis is a known Fortnite content creator. “There’s a difference between a content creator who has millions of subscribers, hundreds of thousands of followers, who gets banned from what literally makes him money, and… some kid who is just a piece of ***** who has absolutely zero following, has zero money that comes from Fortnite, from gaming, and hacks,” Blevins said. Continue reading… View the full article
  20. Hitman developer IO Interactive has announced that Hitman 2’s November Update on 11/19 will be the “final major patch” as it turns its sights toward the next game in the series. “After 13 months of full-time support and content for HITMAN 2 – at no additional cost (besides what we added through the Expansion Pass),” a roadmap blogpost explained, “we’re now at a place where we are looking increasingly to the future.” The post continues by saying that “more and more” of the team working on Hitman 2 is moving on to develop its sequel, which it says is already “well underway.” Continue reading… View the full article
  21. Welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat! This week, the NVC panel is answering all of your burning Nintendo questions. Join Zach Ryan, Brian Altano, Sam Claiborn, and Jonathon Dornbush for a super-sized edition of Question Block! Before that, the crew dives into the news of the week, including Terry Bogard’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate appearance, the huge Pokemon Sword and Shield leak, Bloodstain’s update on Switch, and more. Continue reading… View the full article
  22. On this week's episode of IGN's weekly PlayStation show, Podcast Beyond!, host Jonathon Dornbush is joined by Lucy O'Brien and Brian Altano to discuss what we would like to see from a Horizon Zero Dawn 2. With job listings that suggest Guerrilla Games is working on a Horizon sequel, the cast hypothesizes on what we might see, what we hope changes and stays the same, and factors in some of your suggestions. Plus, the cast also discusses some of the latest PlayStation news, like Nioh 2's beta, the PlayStation Plus games for November, and much more before taking a look back at the launch of the PS4 in a new recurring segment. Continue reading… View the full article
  23. Yooka-Laylee developers Playtonic Games issued a statement today that flat-out denied that the company was acquired by Microsoft, or that it’s working on a new Banjo-Kazooie game. The statement was issued following a day of online rumors suggesting such. “Hey everyone! We wanted to address the speculation currently swarming our mentions. We hate to be the bearers of news that isn’t what you want to hear, but we thought it best to come out and say – we aren’t working on a new Banjo-Kazooie game and we remain an independent studio,” Playtonic wrote on Twitter.
  24. The X-Force franchise has always explored the darker side of mutant life in the Marvel Universe. This is the team that gets its hands dirty so the X-Men don't have to. And that much remains true even as Marvel's Dawn of X relaunch ushers in a very different version of X-Force. Read on to find out how the first issues of the new series challenges the very notion of death in a world where Charles Xavier has managed to make the X-Men immortal. Beware of full spoilers for X-Force #1 ahead! Continue reading… View the full article
  25. We may have seen the last of Ben Affleck's big screen Batman, but that doesn't mean we won't be seeing plenty of the Dark Knight in the years to come. Not only are we getting a proper origin story for the Clown Prince of Crime in the upcoming Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, but Batman himself is being rebooted once more as well with Robert Pattinson playing the Caped Crusader this time around. And now the cast is growing, with Zoe Kravitz has been cast as Selina Kyle, Jeffrey Wright playing Commissioner Gordon and more big announcements. Continue reading… View the full article
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