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  1. Monitorize

    Is there a discord for this forum?

    Discord server is it the process of being made
  2. Monitorize


    What’s up! Long time no talk ... feel free to add me on discord ? Monitorize@1366 And as for your gold I updated the IPB software and I lost the old GOLD member ship style , I will make you it now though. And I can change your username if you want .
  3. Monitorize

    Calculation of active forum members

    We have the option of checking on the bottom of the website where it says "total user active in last 24 hours " that is the only way vis the public side.
  4. Monitorize

    Is there a discord for this forum?

    No not yet but that's not a had idea. Itll help bring some activity back as well I'm sure. I'll keep that noted.
  5. Monitorize

    Hello guys

    If you mean your username yes, I will manually have to change it till I get the shop/marketplace set up which at that point you'll be able to with points, which you get from posting. Pm me and I'll change it
  6. Monitorize

    Hello guys

    Hello and welcome to XM if you got any questions or need help please feel free to pm me
  7. Monitorize

    Theme review

    Hello , as you see we have a new skin style which we havnt had , I fell in love with this kind of style of skin for numerous reasons, my favorite part is the footer as well as the header , if there are any suggestions for it please let me know but keep in mind it's still being worked on , links fixed/replaced and so on. I am still planning to add a lot more features to the site but gotta take it one day at a time
  8. Monitorize

    How this forum start?

    This forum started in about 2009 owned by nick I think that year , it didn't get to far only had a few hundred members , plus it was basically sitting and I came accross the domain around 2010 or end of 2009 which I then bought it , I had no knowledge with forums as well as forum software so I had a lot of people help me which 99.9% of them are no longer around , so this website has definitely taught me a lot and was fairly successful as it was my first website ever ,what really got me into this was jtag/rgh modding in early 2007-2008 so I thought to myself I enjoy it why not make a website , I found the domain, bought it, then I was running a nulled IPB version (we are and have been licensed) at the beginning , then from there it's history I have been hooked ever since just wish I had the time
  9. Monitorize

    Hello Everyone

    Hello and welcome to XM and we used to be active back in the day but personal lIfe came up and xm was closed for a bit then it was sold to a friend who went a different route and recently I bought it back . Now I'm trying to get it active like it once was, upgraded the software got a custom theme converted plus edited and we are going from there
  10. Monitorize

    Behappie is right here!

    Welcome to XM. If you have any questions feel free to pm me , enjoy your stay
  11. Monitorize

    Newbie here!

    Welcome to XM. Enjoy your stay
  12. Monitorize

    Hello Guys!

    Welcome to XN enjoy your stay
  13. Monitorize

    Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome to XM enjoy your stay , if you need any help or anything please let me know
  14. Monitorize

    Newbie Alert!

    Hello and welcome to XM if you have any questions or need any help please let me know
  15. cOz has pushed an update for xeBuild with just 1 tiny fix: the "nowifi" optional patches. You do NOT need to update unless you want to disable the WiFi on your 360! Official releases of xeBuild 1.19.1 and dash_launch v3.19 (dashboard 17526) https://xbls.ninja/xeBuild_1.19.1.zip (MD5: 3485C9769F2756EC9117F00FD12194C7) - https://xbls.ninja/dash_launch_v3.19.zip (MD5: 57D3E86673E35DD3F4CFB396E5C2503F Credits to ninja on 7s