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  1. So, yesterday i spent the whole day improving my map 'Empire' building a whole new castle, a forest and various other buildings. Saving at least 20-30 times along the way to ensure that everything was backed up in case i blue screened or my xbox crashed or whatever. Eventually i decide i've had enough of building and take a few screenshots and upload them to the forums, updating an old thread on world showoff with the pics. I quit the game and checked whether my saves were there, I had an older save of my map at 2.6mb and the new updated save at 2.9mb along with an autosave also at 2.9mb. Everything seemed to be OK. Today, after joining a world randomly on Xbox live I stumbled upon a copy of my world that had stolen all my ideas, gonna name and shame the guy as: **Edited Out** Naturally, this p*ssed me off, so went to look at my own world to compare. Both the 2.9mb autosave and save were gone despite the fact I had not even been on the game since the day before when the saves were both there, why is this happening? I have posted about this before but don't feel like i was taken seriously, the only response - which i felt to be sarcastic at the least - being "Your map went from 2.6mb to 2.4mb overnight?" from Craig himself. This is clearly a huge problem, which I don't feel like is being addressed appropriately, it hasn't even been mentioned in the development updates posted earlier today. This is clearly not a bug that is unable to be reproduced, its happened to me twice in a week for a start and with little effort i can find countless other posts describing a similar issue. From a game that totally resolves around the player creating their own world and adding to it over time, the fact that you can't even save or even have the confidence that your world will be there the next time you play on it, frankly shocks me. Want to see why i'm so angry? Look on this post at the final attachment, I lost everything on the far side of the river. Along with the castle shown in the previous screenshot http://XboxModders.com/topic/13750-empire-the-adventure/ This needs fixing!
  2. Whiplash

    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    I hear Thrallord makes some amazing maps? But I can never find any pictures of them :( is there any out there?
  3. Whiplash

    Empire - The Adventure

  4. Whiplash


    Wow. :o
  5. Whiplash

    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    Look forward to seeing this! I love how the colours seem compliment eachother and work well together (without any bright and garish colours, e.g the horrid original wood) and the natural feel of your pack :) Thanks!
  6. Whiplash

    Ben Breedlove

    Wow, pretty amazing stuff! R.i.p
  7. Whiplash

    Custom Total Miner Intro And Logo.

    This is amazing and in my opinion your texture pack is the greatest in the game so far! Makes my map look awesome!!
  8. Whiplash

    What do YOU build to?!

    What music do you like building to on Total Miner? Post a video of the song, why you like building to it and what you have built to it.. I build to this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AxI4rxCf2E&feature=relmfu Why: Because it makes building terrain less boring :P
  9. Whiplash

    Drop Spamming...

    I'll do the finite resources one! Never thought of that, thanks +1!
  10. Whiplash

    Drop Spamming...

    I've been building while they've been there for literally hours and they havent dissappeared. Once i've picked them up then what do i do with them? :/
  11. Whiplash

    Drop Spamming...

    No they havent been placed, just dropped if you get me? Like when you press RB on an object in your inventory?
  12. Whiplash

    Drop Spamming...

    Griefers have dropped literally hundreds of shop blocks all over my map, how can I get rid of them? I've tried dropping them into lava but it didnt work :( I'm fed up of having loads of little bouncing blocks all over the place causing loads of lag.. Any ideas?
  13. I would be interested in taking a tour some time, if you're willing to host that is, if so please add my GT: NATMAN55

  14. Whiplash

    Total Miner Music Contest!

    Don't have twitter :( but i'll be there! GT: xWhiiplash
  15. Whiplash

    am i th only one?

    BSOD Lmao! I used to get it if i ever turned off fly and fell from the sky above my city - triggered some extreme lag!