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  1. Fizz

    How To Restore Windows 98

    Windows 98 0_o who still uses that?
  2. Fizz

    Selling The Empire Group.

    Thanks I am about to let Kyle take over the group :/
  3. Fizz

    Selling The Empire Group.

    Sorry but not what I'm looking for
  4. Fizz

    Add @shoutbox Name Styling!

    Looks like a copy and paste
  5. I am obviously the owner. I have out grown this site and will be leaving after I get rid of this group. Looking for 10$ amazon card or trades Offer. I might end up giving the group away. I will make the group a custom badge too..
  6. Fizz

    How to find out What type Xbox360 you have.

    Hmm opus.. Pretty rare
  7. I believe it still works.
  8. Fizz


    Why was sinful banned :(
  9. Damnit man. We told you to quit that already haven't we?
  10. Fizz


    Goddamnit. I really have memories with everyone here but you Darth. I always have liked you too. And I once was in your shoes and do not blame you at all. I second your no nomination with Ace as mod. Anyways good luck with whatever you choose to do
  11. Fizz

    We are Looking For Staff Finally!

    Not even going to apply
  12. Fizz

    Need some advice

    I just don't understand why we don't get infections for cod4 and w@w and host like we use too
  13. Fizz

    Need some advice

    I can see this being a total failure. I remember in the beginning me Kyle (Monitorize) Gavin (Mrmodz1999) put a lot of work into this site and even got it jacked then we got it back I have no idea why anyone would want to change something. I like this domain it is worth a lot of money. Don't give it up