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  1. CiniqL

    Almost anything for 500 XM Cash

    Sent you 500, don't want anything in return. Take care.
  2. CiniqL

    do you turn off your computer or leave it on?

    I shut it down if I'm going out and lock it if I go out and won't be long.
  3. Check yo inb0x.

  4. CiniqL

    Would love a sig!

    Watch this. http://youtu.be/PGrhF2XPlkQ
  5. CiniqL

    Favorite Genre / Artists?

    Drake. Eminem. David Guetta. Rudimental. Calvin Harris. 50 Cent. Chris Brown. Wiz Khalifa. Dappy. Disclosure. Plan B.
  6. CiniqL

    She's too young for you ...

    Haha, here's some.
  7. CiniqL

    Hype's Gamertag Checker [Release]

    Fixed. :) ;)
  8. Very good topic, was talking about it the other day. I think you either start a new life or a forever lasting dream? Lol.
  9. CiniqL

    Cool Suggestions -XM RADIO-

  10. Then we better get our ban hammers ready?;)
  11. CiniqL

    How to make dedicated servers into booters.

    Good topic Mon! Fixed some photos that were not showing up/broken links.
  12. Their is a group that Monitorize could start back up, nobody is in it at the moment but it's called: "Advertisement Team" Won't XboxModders look bad/have a bad reputation if we do this?