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  1. earl0514

    Hosting all Day

    I am on right now hosting
  2. Wow and nice sticker I have the Same one on my computer turtle beach ftw
  3. earl0514

    Mushroom farm

    Wat do u mean off topic earl pm and I ment leaf block place on grass and boom mushroom aperas after a while
  4. earl0514

    Mushroom farm

    Thanks for agreeing wid me and now that u brought it up he does sound like a troll
  5. earl0514

    Mushroom farm

    U could have just told them on here This is how you get leves and place them on grass Wait a wile and boom mushroom is formed
  6. earl0514

    Hello Total miner Community

    Welcome to the forums and it's not a map seed it is a creative map they made ask them if they could share map with you
  7. earl0514


    K I'm having a conversation wid 2 guys and lets stop talking in this guys topic
  8. earl0514

    Reapers in Disguise clan thread(RiD).

    Cool alright all join party in an hour something
  9. earl0514


    I am on an iPod and it's glitching out idk
  10. earl0514


    Forget about it
  11. I might not be on in a hour

  12. I'm not on yet but will be in the next hour or so

  13. earl0514

    Cam you?

    Ou can't get bones block cuz I placed one in my map and one in a chest then updated to 1.65 and they disappeared then I still have arcade machines blue red yellow in my map so I think u can still get them
  14. Hey imma bout to go on invite me