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  1. I see , advertise on HTM , HF , s7 , TTG
  2. I know its guys out there that want to record these hax come on ,
  3. It all depends on the subject, pm me if you have any questions. PS: make sure you fill out the form
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  5. iKLUTCH

    Starting a new Solo Clan (Dev)

    Name: iKLUTCH age:17 Do you mod:yes Modified Consoles?:yes what kind of modified consoles: Flashed xbox , 2 jtag gt:RaZr Lobbies aim iKLUTCHMODZ skype have you ever hosted online?:yes on my jtag on 9199 and 11625 what games do you mod:all whats the best time to be contacted:anytime
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  7. why wont you post you your main account on the forum ,
  8. Hello guys, I'm tired of post and PM threads. Because the one that make's it use to long time to reply to you. So here, is a way that works 50% of the time. with 100% Profit. What would you need? 10-100$ on Paypal account. 3 Paypal Accounts. 1 Friend VPN Time one your hand. Step one is to get money on your main account. After you get the money the main account, send the money to Account 1. Get your friend to logg into your account and send the money to ACCOUNT 2. [HE MOST STAY ON THE VPN AT ALL TIME] Once you have done that, get your mate to send the money from account 2 to account 3 You can now log on to your account without a VPN, and open a dispute that you never sent the money. Make sure that you made the account with real info so you can open your account if limited. From Account 3 get your friend to send the money back, to account 1. From this point, paypal will see that the money from account 1, that you never sent the money and you will get a refund from paypal. Account 2 will get negative balance, and you will have two times of the money you started with. Now make two new account and try new ways, to dupe the money. like "didn't claim item"
  9. iKLUTCH

    The Logic Of CoD

    im better than him
  10. iKLUTCH

    Need A Clan Logo Made

    Hey Guys I need a Logo Made For MY Clan RaZr http://www.youtube.com/RaZrSnipingHD Be Creative and If I Really Like Yours , I Will Donate :)