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  1. You could make one on creative, then it is much more to your liking.
  2. Appc2123

    RPG City Help

    hey guys, i havent been on the forums fir a coulple days because ive been planning out an rpg city it will be a freebuild but the "rich side" will be seperatedso hopefully know onw will get through, so here is the thing, i need help getting to bedrock. If anyone helps me i will give them lots of money for map and free bit of land or a house. Help will be apreciated so just message me if you wanna help out Probrbly be later. + there are jobs open now like "filing water" "making flat land" you will paid massive amounts, and automaicly aloud into the rich side. Thanks
  3. I had that problem but i found a tunnel that went past 1200 and found a ruby pick.. :D hope i helped.
  4. Appc2123


    I think it means 50 remote players. Like xbox live players.
  5. Appc2123

    is the questing system confirmed?

    I have some idea's and i enjoy writing and could write but im not perfesional so what do you think i should do? Thanks
  6. Appc2123

    is the questing system confirmed?

    I am not a proffesional writer, and he only wants them because i paying. TBH i do not mind about getting paid, i wiould be happy alsong as it said my name on it... if it got published of course.
  7. Appc2123

    is the questing system confirmed?

    Ok so i have started making a map and it needs the questing system to be complete like chaat boxes where you get options what to say then they say a reply based on that option? If so i have some amazing ideas. But thanks for answering.
  8. Appc2123

    talk box

    So just like a place to talk with people...? Thanks
  9. Appc2123

    talk box

    What is this about? please put more information on this..... thanks
  10. Appc2123

    New Weapons! (LEGIT)

    i like the titanium and ruby swords because it will shorten the time of destroying spider eggs. And welcome to the forums, glad to have you here. :)
  11. Appc2123

    Larger Surface Area?

    yeah, they should be lushhh updates :)
  12. Appc2123

    Avatar story Time

    uh oh, didn see the story bit at the top, sorry.
  13. Appc2123


    I will do it, and help "backstage" if you need anything..... and maybe i have a 2 day membership..... i will have a look but i do not think so.
  14. Appc2123

    npc dialogue

    Looking forward to it ;)
  15. Appc2123

    My RPG dig deep world

    I think i have been on this world before "It was amazing" and i rated 5 stars. :D