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  1. Backakwards45

    Teh Forums..

    Ima be makin a sick one soon :)
  2. Backakwards45


    That would be pretty cool! I'd love that.. But there would need to be a suit or some sort to breathe lol
  3. Backakwards45

    Buttons and switchs

    This would be pretty cool man... :)
  4. Add me on live, or msg me! (Backakwards45)

  5. Backakwards45

    Does this mean more potential for Total Miner...

    Most definatly bro.. And it would expand the memory and graphics and alll that. :)
  6. Backakwards45

    New block ideas:Sponge and Bounce

    This Is a pretty cool Idea.. I like it. Although i don't think you should be able to jump that high.. I say just doubled.
  7. Backakwards45

    night/day blocks

    There could be alot of error if they put this idea in.. It's better off with simple right click to open/close doors..
  8. Backakwards45

    night/day blocks

    There going to do this...
  9. Backakwards45

    Letter Blocks

    Ehh I think it's not super important but it would be pretty cool to have in diff. Situations.
  10. Backakwards45

    User selected Biomes/Dynamic Weather Patterns

    I think that would be pretty cool to give more freedom to the creator to let him change the weather like that.
  11. Backakwards45

    Spawner settings

    It might happen in future updates.
  12. Backakwards45

    Thank You For Making Total Miner

    Great game isn't it!? :)
  13. Backakwards45


  14. Backakwards45

    Hey there.