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  1. dig deeper

    JOIN ShadyVille

    what griefing?
  2. dig deeper

    Weather and it's effects

    come on if you want it work for it message him to get it pit in for surival.
  3. dig deeper

    Multiplayer trading?

    a bit like runscape who be nice
  4. steps? there alot in the update 2.0 is just a number if he called 1.6 as 2.0 would you be happy it just a number
  5. dig deeper

    1.8 dev diaries discussion thread.

    this game sets it apart by having dig deep fousing on being a mining game like lifts (old day and modern) suport beams .... chair?
  6. dig deeper

    Please proffessional-ize this.

    i'l have a go at my making one but don't you watch likea little intro because i'm good at them B) i
  7. dig deeper

    1.8 dev diaries discussion thread.

    :rolleyes: can't wait
  8. dig deeper


    don't worry the new mode needs A.I engine done and craig don't do that the other dev dose
  9. dig deeper


    poeple said in june that the game will beat MC before it it comes out in winter and now over 8 month not much was done.... don't lose hope just because the pc version was good don't mean the xbox will as there may mess up the controls big time or change the meau's and how things work. a good to change the feel of MC is maybe to focuse on the digging aspects like a few stuff on miner dig deep like lifts and more stuff to make it a digging game as that MC downfall as soon you got the minering out of the way to can add animal and stuff but make it apart by adding more mining frist
  10. dig deeper

    Vacation Time

    when you buy a game you by it as it is not for the upcoming updates
  11. dig deeper

    World Seed Database

    one like that but without a cave well be perfect.
  12. dig deeper

    Total Miner's Future...

    he won't win by adding stuff that minecraft already got it need to be diffrant so poeple may buy both like cod and bf
  13. dig deeper

    Total Miner's Future...

    are you sure it march?
  14. dig deeper

    Total Miner's Future...

    get idea but the don't forget mincrafts downfall compared to tm is the price minecraft is said to be £20 ( $32?) and the map size need a big chance the size needs to boom and there need a day night cycle and seasons...
  15. dig deeper

    Weather and it's effects

    maybe if there have diffrent monster for each season but still find the oddspider hear and there