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    Drawing,Gaming,Graphic Arts(Photoshop etc),Not being BORED.
  1. coolm3

    HD TEXTURE PACK - LifeLike

    It was idiotic because the question was answered in the conversation you had with the maker of the texture. What you said is true,but asking a question that has already been answered and the answer is already out there you are gaining nothing,learning nothing,and only slowing yourself down. And we are also flooding this topic with a useless argument that has already been decided so I shall stop here. :)
  2. coolm3

    Is this legit or a glitch?

    Someone used to duplication glitch many people have used it. Its currently patched(thankfully) but its the laziest way of doing dig deep lol...no point in getting rich in dig deep if theres creative where everything can be free.
  3. coolm3

    HD TEXTURE PACK - LifeLike

    Then you might as well entrust your entire product to the mysteries of the web as they can freely steal your hard work(?) and time you put into making it. And I don't have a texture pack lol does it matter if I have one? Don't think so, I was just responding to your idiotic question to a straightforward answer.
  4. coolm3

    HD TEXTURE PACK - LifeLike

    The answer to that is obvious. The watermark is so people (like yourself) To attempt to steal his work. Nobody wants their work stolen unless they release it to be used by the public and has the permission to use it which in-fact you do not.What else is there to understand?
  5. coolm3

    I apologize

    Lol what?....people need to calm down..its just a map nothing all that serious...Though claiming your map is the best is expected to bring hate :)
  6. coolm3

    Kingdom Map

    Game stats as in how long it took man hours blocks etc? EDIT: Done
  7. coolm3

    Kingdom Map

    This is the map of my Communities' (AWA) 'server' called AWA Kingdom. I just felt like recording it and showing it to everyone :). It is definitely not everything since I didn't show the mines and a couple buildings I forgot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORPbAk7OL3w&list=UUnvSf2CHLsL-hwvZBX4Lodw&index=1&feature=plcp I audioswapped the video and it seems buggy(on my computer at least) so if you hear silence then click past the video loading and then go back to the start to hear the music. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INFORMATION---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map Owner: xAWAxDirector Map Admins:xAWAxDirector,xAWAxCoolm Builders/Helpers: xAWAx Gunmaster, xAWAxCoolm, xAWAxDirector, xAWAxTabronsky, Odyessues and other small contributions from friends. Hosters:xAWAxCoolm,xAWAxDirector Game-Mode: Dig-Deep STATS: Attribute:RPG Creator:xAWAxDirector Visitors:236(Now 538) Ratings:82(188) Most Players:13(16) Total Man Hours: 503.0(595.0) Blocks Cleared: 209996(211559) Blocks Placed: 134175(134464)
  8. coolm3

    What anime do you recommend?

    Yes yes and YES :3 best anime ever lol...though I stopped watching it recently I took up other things waiting for it to have more episodes so I can watch them like I started lol. Had hundreds of episodes to watch when I first found Gintama. Worked for me since I have low patience when it comes to weekly shows.
  9. coolm3


    Have you lost the edit button somewhere?....no need to double post.
  10. Creative Strategist: How could you improve the appeal and total visitors of my map?: I just recently started working with my capture card again today and re-installing my video editing software and if you want to provide your potential members of this world with a nice teaser or tour of the map and possibly quests/updates whatever. Do you have a mic?: Of Course :D How often can you help?: It depends on how busy my community is (I'm one of the leaders of it and at times I might be busy with it) but when I either have nothing to do or have time to come online I can help you. Gamertag?:xAWAxCoolm Extra Information: I also can build, but I'm too lazy to actually do enough of it to accomplish anything. I had been working on a castle of mine I had finished the front battlements of the wall and half of the initial castle in about 2 days but lost considerable interest when I bought minecraft (PC version of course) lol. I'm still giving this game a chance since it has its own unique things in it.