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    HD TEXTURE PACK - LifeLike

    Which is why I stated (if you read my post initially) that my future updates will consist of my watermark.
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    HD TEXTURE PACK - LifeLike

    Let me cover a few things. 1) LLAMAvsCOW's criticism means a lot more to me than yours. Saying that; this texture pack is the product. 2) I'm not going to tell you your pack's flaws because I don't care how yours looks in the end. I'm only concerned about my own right now. 3) I'm leaving a watermark because I as well 'handcrafted' these in MS paint, then majorly edited in Adobe Photoshop, and don't want anyone stealing my blocks. 4) I'm not concerned about my grass 5) I am confident to say I can achieve more without basing any structure off your curriculum's. 6) Please make your own texture pack. I'm only trying to make mine. I can feel the tension and get the impression that you are offended. All I've done was keep my right. Please show respect for dedicated players.
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    HD TEXTURE PACK - LifeLike

    I apologize for crashing down on you but you'll have to refrain from using my artwork. This is very time-consuming and it's difficult to have everything tile perfectly as well as have things look naturalistic. Not to mention I've had to completely restart my tree blocks a couple times when I couldn't tweak the tiling well enough. I hope you understand and can let me continue posting my progress.
  4. PLEASE PLUS ME + This is my original texture pack called " LifeLike " Which I'd love to see in the game. If you agree please leave a comment. I'd love for Craig to see my progress. Every uploaded picture after this one will have my watermark for it's safety. I'm currently working on the top/bottom of the tree; and it's going GREAT! . It'll be my most effort so far. Please see my topics on my profile and support my Avatar idea. To answer past and future questions; I grab very small samples (about 5x5 pixels) and base the rest of the block off the colours in my sample to ensure everything is constant. Once I have a texture that resembles itself I tile, tweak, Tile tweak and repeat until it's proper. After Tiling I shade, add brightness and blend, at the same time I fade other images I made in paint to add effects (Usually just shading or colouring)
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    Thanks guys, But I'm going to leave the Dirt as a dark colour because I was aiming for Dark pottery Soil rather than outdoor dirt. And to answer a few simple questions, I've taken small samples off the interest (about 5x5pixels) and just based the rest of the block on the colours in my sample. This ensures the entire block is a constant colour, so there's no recognizable spots when tiling. I'm excited to start bricks, because in my past sprite-design experience I've never had a problem with Tiling. I find it funny how this was only a post to show a friend where I started. I can't show many other blocks for the safety of my work. Keep the comments coming please :) I'd love for Craig to view my work. Check my profile to see any other posts / future posts I have.
  6. This is just to show a buddy where I've started off. Don't judge. HD Texture Pack.
  7. INVADER LORD This is my submission. I'll post the pictures in the submissions thread, however I thought I'd make a new thread to share with the community direct About Invader Lord: The invader Lord is to substitute for the InvaderMan being severely 'Nurfed'. (The point goal was dropped as well as a greater UFO spawn rate) He consists of Mostly Coal, Black, Dark Red, some komatite, Carbon, some Grey, and some Opal. His Cape has the Invader's face made with Spider eggs (Changed if not acceptable) red eyes His standing and crouching positions are based on the Invaderman's curriculum. NOTE: The picture quality it not the best. This avatar does indeed look much better in person. In the photo's you can not see the difference between the Coal and the Black.