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  1. Monitorize Jr.

    Project Unknown 8/19/13

    yes they have been tested on mine and work fine
  2. Monitorize Jr.

    Project Unknown 8/19/13

    it's legit calm down
  3. Monitorize Jr.

    Gold Giveaway 1 Year

    I'm giving away 1 free year of gold all you have to do is post and I'll do it random by post number limit is 2 posts per person
  4. Monitorize Jr.

    Project Unknown 8/19/13

    He is legit he let me on for free Monitorize talk to me before shutting this down
  5. Monitorize Jr.

    Programs/files Download

    should be xbox modding programs/files
  6. Monitorize Jr.

    How To Become An Xbox Live Ambassador

    I didn't get it because I was on vacation then xbl expired and I didn't pay for it for a few months so I did not get it
  7. Monitorize Jr.

    E-Xbls Is Down

    do you mean xblv you paid for the cool xnotify
  8. Monitorize Jr.

    Random Stuff

    Welcome to XM, Read the rules and stay active! P.S. Don't make topics asking for things over $10
  9. Monitorize Jr.

    E-Xbls Is Down

    doesn't matter either way for me because it doesn't work on my rgh
  10. Monitorize Jr.

    Free Jtag,kv, Or Bo2 Lobbies

    Please tell me you're kidding otherwise :GTFO:
  11. Monitorize Jr.

    600 Posts

    lol Monitorize(the real one) if you guys really want me to change my name pm me I'll do it if I get 5 pms
  12. Monitorize Jr.

    Selling XBOX Accounts

    Proof? 1515151515
  13. Monitorize Jr.

    Gta Iv W@w Mw2 Iso Disc Shop/for Sale (Open) [Cheap]

    that's not a lot of proof I'll vouch when I see more
  14. you should upgrade him to the $80 and then give it to me :sorry:
  15. Monitorize Jr.

    Wooooo Jtags Are Back Online! | Download

    *these i've