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  1. Hawks

    Xbox One Unboxing (Official)

    same here lol I preordered them both so I can sell them and afford games for Xbox one lol I don't like ps4's
  2. Hawks

    Xbox One Unboxing (Official)

    I already preordered a Xbox one and ps4 lol
  3. Hawks

    Hello Im Legit Iso Seller

    Welcome to XM enjoy your stay ;)
  4. Hawks

    Moni's Challenge Lobby Tos

    um if you would like to discuss this with someone talk to moni :) he asked me to write it and if you have a problem with it I you can **** off :)
  5. Monitorizes Modded Lobbies ToS Rule 1. When buying a package you will need to send as a gift. Rule 2. NO REFUNDS! Rule 3. Put gt in notes Rule 4. Monitorize is not responsible for any account/Xbox bans that may occur, but are very rare. Rule 5. Monitorize is trusted and if you say fake on the post you will be warned and your post will be taken off. Rule 6. If you are disrespectful in the lobby no matter how much you paid you will be deranked to level 1 no prestige. Rule 7. No asking to cohost Rule 8. No posting your gt in the topic because the hosts gt are in the post. Rule 9. If you spam me you will be invited and when your so excited you'll be deranked > :D Rule 10. Any vulgar language about not getting in will get you banned from all the lobbies. Rule 11. If you dispute after you have received your stuff i will call paypal up and tell them what happend plus show them proof.
  6. XboxModders Modded Lobbies ToS Info about modded lobbies- When in a modded lobby you are taking full responsibility for bans that may happen to your account/Xbox 360 console. Rule 1. When paying anyone for a lobby you are doing this at your own terms because XboxModders is not responsible for any scams that may occur. Rule 2. You MUST show valid proof of you being able to host modded lobbies. This means that you MUST show video proof of you in game with the date. Rule 3. Any type of topics asking for xm money,Microsoft points, or subscribers will NOT be tolerated. Any topics asking for any of these will be deleted and the user will be issued a warning/ban. Rule 4. Do NOT create topics asking for modded lobbies, they will be deleted and the user will be warned/banned. Rule 5. You are allowed to post on your topic ONCE A DAY. Rule 6. Forcing users to post legit before they get in the lobby is NOT allowed. The topic will be Closed/Deleted Rule 7. If you do dispute a payment after in the lobby when it is legit then you will receive a ip ban Topic not showing proof 1st. Low warning 2nd. Medium warning and a pm from staff. 3rd. High warning and your posts in the modded lobbies section will be monitored. 4th. A week ban and will have to ask staff to be able to post in the modded lobbies section again. 5th. Permanent account ban Scams 1st. If a person is proven to be a scammer they will be permanently banned. No excuses 2nd. If a person purchases a lobby and gets what they bought and then disputes they will be permanently banned. Creating Topics Asking For A Lobby. 1st. Low warning 2nd. Medium warning 3rd. High warning and topics will be monitored by staff for 12 hours. 4th. Account ban Post On Your Topic More Than Once A Day 1st. Low Warning 2nd. Topic Closed
  7. Hawks


    Welcome to XM enjoy your stay :)
  8. Hawks

    Award Request

    You deserve Hawks awesome badge, wizard, sumting, everything, and idk
  9. Hawks

    100 Posts Road To 1000

    Congrats on your achievement see you at 1000posts.
  10. Hawks

    My 50Th Post!

    Yes I was here... Lol **** off.
  11. Hawks

    My 50Th Post!

    Lol look at your name.. Obviously you a fanboy.
  12. Hawks

    My 50Th Post!

    Do you think I care you fanboy. Don't post on here with stuff like that.
  13. Hawks

    My 50Th Post!

    I just reached my 50th post on this wonderful site ;) hope to get 200 or so soon ;) Thanks list... Sumting Recon Hate list Monitize :p jk
  14. Hawks

    When Did U Start Modding?

    Yesterday *Trallalalalalal*