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  1. iTzKevinFTW

    Favorite Cod

    Mine is MW2 and then COD4.
  2. iTzKevinFTW

    Whats Up Itzkevinftw Here

    Thank you Monitorize.
  3. iTzKevinFTW

    My Html Site (Just For Fun Over Night)

    Oh and the site may not work on all web browsers just a heads up if you go to decoded and you get a green message and music playing but no text moving and so on.
  4. So over night yesturday I put together this site made of html and some css (easy crap) and I semi edited some stuff but mainly made it my self from older tips and just for fun testing stuff. http://1337.site90.com
  5. iTzKevinFTW

    Whats Up Itzkevinftw Here

    yup a old old modder from the days when cod4 was still cool before mw2 was out still moddin and crap anyways they call me iTzKevinFTW (For the win) Some of you might know me from yt: http://www.youtube.com/iTzKevinFTW