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  1. Monitorize III

    Mw3 Invisiblity

    iv herd of it all i can think is ppl r gliitching private match mods to public
  2. Monitorize III

    Project Unknown 8/19/13

    YOu dam Geek, Send me the files if you did not edit them
  3. Monitorize III

    Gold Giveaway 1 Year

    i hop3 it win 1515
  4. Monitorize III

    Programs/files Download

    I will be updating new Programs/Files when i come across them: XEXMenu: http://www.mediafire...enu1.2-LIVE.rar (Safe i've TESTED) -Used on a JTAG, helps you load custom patchs onto a game. FreeStyle Dash: http://www.realmodsc...ncluding-webui/ -Custom Dashboard :) Horizon: http://www.xboxmb.com/horizon/ -Use with a USB to put XEXmenu on a JTAG. .FF Viewer: http://www.mediafire...0%28blue%29.rar (Blue Version) -Used to Edit Text on patchs ETC. WX360: https://rapidshare.c...3A88049CF459868 -Used to EXTRACT Files from disk DashLauch: http://www.realmodsc...dashlaunch-307/ -Used to set custom boot up :) HxD: http://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/ -Used to EDIT .DLL files
  5. If you know your way around an xbox and have to much time on your hands becoming an Ambassador. I know what you're thinking why would i want to help xbox, well because if you like free microsoft points and avatar items you like ambassadors.After every person you help you get XP After so much XP you get ranked up ,and when you rank up you get prizes like avatar items, microsoft points, and minnie games. How to become one Click here -> http://ambassadors.x...Pages/home.aspx Then click Apply Now The rest is pretty self explainable After around three days you should get accepted (unless you have been banned)
  6. Monitorize III

    Gold Give Away And How To Participate

    iv had 30 posts for a while , Just the begging of this month lol
  7. Monitorize III

    How To Replace/spoof A Xbox 360 Dvd Drive

    nice topic ;) 151515
  8. Monitorize III

    E-Xbls Is Down

    i had the e-xbls for free lool
  9. Monitorize III

    E-Xbls Is Down

    im catching up to ur posts, watch out
  10. Monitorize III

    E-Xbls Is Down

    For those of you who dont know e-xbls is down Proof: http://gyazo.com/5e01d5968ed461a9555a3023890d6c5d
  11. Monitorize III

    Wooooo Jtags Are Back Online! | Download

    FOR THE LAST TIME @Everyone e-xbls IS DOWN
  12. Monitorize III

    Best Released Online Tu8 Menu | Razor V2 + Download

    dam, this is a nice menu!
  13. Monitorize III

    Random Stuff

    Welcome To XM, Enjoy And Read The Rules :)
  14. Monitorize III

    Free Jtag,kv, Or Bo2 Lobbies

    You Have Got To Be Shitting' Me If Not :GTFO: