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  1. It's obviously going to work he showed it
  2. This will be the best update ever for real
  3. iPod

    Halo 4 Achievements Revealed

    Still good I guess either way
  4. I kind of want this games seems like its gonna be cool
  5. iPod

    201 posts :P

    lol what a spammer haha
  6. iPod

    Teh 1337 Quits Modding

    I'm sure he just gives his number out to people :face palm: and if your referring to a phone book who has landlines anymore honestly
  7. iPod

    201 posts :P

    Gratz bro now you just gotta get to top three posters lol
  8. I've always been getting this game it's gonna be sick
  9. iPod

    Teh 1337 Quits Modding

    Well sad to see him go but someone will take his place as it always does
  10. This game is gonna be so awesome as I have stated
  11. iPod

    Gods DLC liscnese transfer shop

    I wish you had the gears 3 stuff
  12. iPod

    23 Years Old Today

    Sweet I loved this thing it was epic