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  1. Sosa

    What's Up I'm Abyss

    Welcome to XM, make sure to read the site rules and stay active! :D
  2. Sosa

    Bo1 And Mw3 Recoveries

    You have my vouch! I will look more into this later. :D
  3. Sosa

    My Road To 300!

    Congrats on 200 posts! See you at 300 soon! :D
  4. Sosa

    Do You Like Or Dislike This Game

    Yea I don't really like BO2 I rather play MW3, MW2, or BO1
  5. Sosa

    Some Gfx Badges

    Are those templates? I think I seen them somewhere.
  6. Sosa

    What's Good Xboxmodders?

    Welcome to xboxmodders, if you need anything feel free to PM me. :D
  7. Sosa

    100 Posts And A Great Time

    Congrats on 100 posts see you at 200 soon. :D
  8. Sosa

    Co-Hosting Service

    This looks like it would be helpful, Good Luck with your service.
  9. Sosa

    Hey Xboxmodders!

    I finally got my new computer today. :D
  10. This looks legit. :D
  11. Im going to download this, I usually use FF viewer. :D
  12. Sosa

    This is my farewell..

    Sorry to hear that your leaving. :(
  13. I heard this song before.
  14. Sosa

    Hello XM users ^_^

    Welcome to XM, make sure to read the site rules and stay active, Hope to see you around the forums! :D
  15. Sosa

    Hello,im Famous

    Welcome to XM make sure to read the read the site rules and stay active. :D