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  1. Art

    What's your favourite song?

    these are my favorites of 2011/2012
  2. Art

    Choose your birthday!

    i stabbed a glass of milk because i have an amazing ***** :D
  3. Pre-ordered: Madden 13 Medal of honor: Warfighter Gonna pre-order next week: Halo 4 Resident Evil 6 Maybe black ops 2
  4. Art

    How to install xexmenu to USB

    ok....you might wanna add steps or something or at least in the description.
  5. Art

    FairModz- MW3 Modding ;)

    same as mine...also i guess theres not modes for these mods?
  6. Art

    New FairModz Intro

    Very nice 8/10
  7. Art

    Buying OG Gamertags!

    Give me proof,because i will definitely buy that. -i highly doubt it is "Zeus" prove me wrong?
  8. Art

    How To Get More 1 Month Accounts

    nice post bro,im going to try it now.
  9. Art

    [Free] Xerilith's Graphics Workshop

    Signature/Avatar/Banner: Avatar (because i suck at them) Size: the required forum size. Text: Art Colors: Yellow & White Render(s): None Description: Just a basic avatar - That says "Art" just text.
  10. Art

    Buying OG Gamertags!

    um thats not original,well not to me....
  11. this game is going to be ridiculously crazy!
  12. i might have to get this..
  13. my shitteey computer xD -My macbook desktop is better but i dont have it with me :( So here it is ! <img src="" />
  14. Art

    New to xbox modders

    Welcome,ive checked out your youtube videos. -Very creative designs i like them.