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  1. J-Sted

    Project Unknown 8/19/13

    The files has been tested on someones jtag though right 0.o?
  2. J-Sted

    Project Unknown 8/19/13

    Ok and is the server stable? And why the 19th?
  3. J-Sted

    Project Unknown 8/19/13

    Hmm, How stable is the server? And will proof videos be up soon?
  4. J-Sted

    Programs/files Download

    Welcome to team helpful Thanks for this post
  5. J-Sted

    Free Jtag,kv, Or Bo2 Lobbies

    you have GOT to be kidding me....
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/download/0i3h31cah4zl3vx/Project+Razor+v2+Release+By+TehMoTi0nZz.rar
  7. J-Sted

    Wooooo Jtags Are Back Online! | Download

    you dont need it. Just use xrpc.xex then change jtagrpc.xex to xrpc.xex.
  8. These are the newEST online files, they are not brand newNeighborhood http://www.mediafire.com/download/fszwf1me79vd1bd/E-XBLS_New_Online_Files(fixed).rar Note: people outside the US may have difficulty getting online Now everyone get online and start hosting online! And sadly my gf faked on me and didn't get me the jtag last Friday. So I have to wait another 2 weeks
  9. J-Sted

    Hey Everyone!

    do you have any work you can show us of your ipb/xenforo web development?
  10. Whats up XM. Just showing you guys a menu made by treyy1337 Note: This is a Dashlaunch Plugin and not a Tool Credits: Hacksorce - For the most Offset and Functions YoKo - Dashlaunch Project bsTieLa/Xx jAmes T xX - Menu Struct GuTu - Some Offsets Se7ensins Jtag - All Client Button Monotoring for MW3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=N04UoTLv6Jc
  11. J-Sted

    Project Hollow V 1.5

    what makes this different
  12. J-Sted

    My Video Tut on how to Rip IPB Skin :D

    why I picked that skin...I will never know lol. Should of chosen something
  13. J-Sted

    Add @shoutbox Name Styling!

    Tooooo lazehhhhh
  14. J-Sted

    Gfx Badges

    with or without the black border in the first badge? The second one is very nice
  15. J-Sted

    My Html Site (Just For Fun Over Night)

    wow what else can you do?