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  1. 2Ez

    The Bad Guy.

    You thought it "was your job " to hit me offline seems legit.
  2. 2Ez

    Staff Feedback

    Monitorize(Owner)- Chill owner needs to keep up the good work MrModz1999(Co-Owner)- inactive at times but does his job none the less Whit3boy(Developer)- Great developer saw most of his work on previous sites . Panther(Moderator)- Needs to mature / grow up. Darth(ShoutBox Mod)- Does his job well .
  3. How much do you charge for sigs/ avatars?
  4. Sorry buddy I remember you as well <3
  5. Well I just noticed my post count has reached over 100 . I am happy to say I will be spending more time on the site again after I was unbanned. For those of you that don't know me I was 2nd member on the site and was admin for a long time. I got demoted and banned after I decided to advertise another forum because the site was dead at the time. Thanks for reading this . Thank list : Monitorize and Panther ( Only members I really remember from my time spent here )
  6. 2Ez

    Hey Im FeintGFX

    Welcome to XboxModders , I look foward to seeing you work :)
  7. 2Ez

    Member Of The Month! [Winner:GUCCI]

    Username: IlluminateReason: Actually post's high quality topics and replies , unlike some others.
  8. 2Ez

    Need Some Answers (Skin)

    I would go with the second one.
  9. 2Ez

    Your Dream Job?

    My dream job is to be a pro baseball player.
  10. 2Ez

    Just Call Me Cyan!

    Welcome to the site man.
  11. 2Ez

    Sebastian | The True Butler

    Pretty cool 10/10.
  12. 2Ez

    Fbi Emails (Good For Trolling)

    I already posted the leaked tut lol .
  13. 2Ez

    How to get free 48 hour trial code

    This hasn't worked for awhile now :P
  14. 2Ez

    Award request

    When I created the award I intended for it to be an official program for XboxModders. Example - XboxMB has Horizon . Although I am not admin anymore so I don't know if Monitorize has the same intent for the award.
  15. 2Ez

    What's up ?

    My aim is Wool if you ever need to contact me.