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  1. Panther


    Welcome to XM! Have fun and read the rules :p
  2. Panther

    600 Posts

    Congrats! Glad to see you moving up! I support you 100%
  3. Panther

    My 50Th Post!

    COngrats :p hope to see you at 500 posts!
  4. Panther

    What Is Your Dream Rank For Xm

    Mine would of course be admin. Although I only made it up to Super mod.
  5. Panther

    100 Posts Road To 1000

    Congrats! Stay dedicated and you'll get there :D
  6. Panther

    The Banned Game.

    I ban you for creating this game.
  7. This method hardly even lags your target. Also this is a DOS attack. In no way/shape/form is this attack distributed,
  8. Panther

    Hey Everyone Add Me Can Of Dip

    Nice to see a fellow snuff enthusiast with us :D
  9. Panther

    Welcome All Staff Members.

    Although Stealth didn't deserve super-mod as much as some other contributing members here I welcome him and wish him the best. Recon if at all I trust you the most and think you should have super-mod. But you'll do great with sectional as well. There aren't many senior members around to protest the staff position with the new guys, but I'm here. The only person who deserved a position was recon. J-sted is an exception due to the fact he is actually able to change XM. Retired SuperModerator, Panther