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  1. CoolDude

    Infraction/Ban System!

    The thing is that I havnt updated this thread since i made this thred. A lot of infractions have changed, this thread needs updating, i will update it at some point today
  2. CoolDude

    Monthly Competitions.!! [Suggestion]

    hmmm maybe monthly giveaways for elites :think:
  3. CoolDude

    Monthly Competitions.!! [Suggestion]

    The idea is great, but the only thing im concerned about is the amount of people participating, we are not that active, and we might only get a few people who would participate....
  4. CoolDude

    Monthly Competitions.!! [Suggestion]

    Monthly giveaways of what?
  5. CoolDude

    CoolDudes List Todo's

    List completed
  6. CoolDude

    Cooldude Read ...

    There is no need for a story section atm, if this is really wanted people hv to vote in a poll which will be posted soon.
  7. CoolDude

    More Staff Trials?

    Sorry there will be no more staff trials held for some time
  8. that section got removed because of vbookie not returning :(
  9. CoolDude

    More Default Avatars?

    Dont need to upload anymore default avatars atm, people can upload theirs, but i might add some more soon
  10. CoolDude

    New Elite Section

    Hey guys After the votes on the elite section thread in elite, It came to a tolal of 7 out 7 voters wanted a separate section for elite. There for a section has been created for it. New sections have been added in the section which you guys were waiting forever. I hope you elites like this new section, and from now on i will be making further elite announcements in the elite section Thanks for reading
  11. CoolDude

    Allow porn.

    Im sorry, this suggestion is denied, how ever i may decide to put a 18+ section in elite. Or something similar......
  12. CoolDude

    Allow porn.

    I completely dis agree. Give me 4 reasons of why i should allow porn? This is a gaming site, if you want porn go to porn sites, this site is not to discuss about porn its meant to be about gaming. It makes the site looks weird on new members, they would be like wtf is this ***** and leave immediately.
  13. CoolDude


    I dont see anything wrong with prestiges in postbits ryan. Its a gming site, so were trying to keep it as close to gaming! :P