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  1. Mex

    Infraction/Ban System!

    convex u lil bitch ass ****** :|
  2. Mex

    Allow porn.

    u mean this site is mainy about nothing... ur 50/50 is bullshit/... where is da graphics at? dat section has been dead for years...
  3. Mex


    [video=youtube;g0eeSHcnpCY] :| hell yea that's me..
  4. I need this done today :y:.... ill pay double
  5. Mex

    Racism in the shoutbox!!

    im naturally racist u stpid ******s...
  6. Mex

    CoolDudes List Todo's

    he deleted download link
  7. Mex

    Making money section

    i dont think it should be a section because i want to to put content where they belong instead of in a section no1 will really look in.. if sum1 was looking for a albuim they go to music download section not money making section.. just allow adfly for all section....if ppl are just linkn websites they can only use shorten link not the ad 1 that makes them money..if its a direct download link then yes they can use monkey making one...
  8. Get Rid Of Zooknetwork ad.. monthly giveaways. fix permissiong..[Mayb] more vbplaza items bring back arcade fix security issues and stop worrying bout school allow html... allow adfly fix my download threads :y: fagget convex <--Job close threads that are no longer going sub mods are a joke just give moderators all sections.. :y: ill add more...any thing else? :think:
  9. Mex

    GamePhics Needs YOU

    cooldude get yur lazy ass up and start finding glitches and post on youtube :y:
  10. Mex

    GamePhics Needs YOU

    :lol: just 100k vbux... i make 700k every hour or sumthing like that ill give away $20 Psn card every 2 weeks but thats it.. :y:
  11. Mex

    New Elite Feature!

  12. Mex

    Tutorial Section

    Denied :y: as there are sections for anytype of tutorial you would like to post.
  13. Mex

    Jensen2010mjs Suggestion

    Denied :y:
  14. Mex

    Team Fortress 2

    Denied :y: