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  1. Console or PC, which do you prefer? People have long argued whether playing video games of any kind, RPG, FPS, Arcade, etc. is better on the PC or Xbox, here is where you will get some facts and opinions on which is the better. Both ways have different strengths and weaknesses that appeal to consumer, tipping the scale for which they would rather buy. Some say the PC is better, because of its far superior graphics and customization, whereas many prefer consoles such as the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii for their simplicity. It all really comes down to your personal preferences. Pros and Cons of Consoles Consoles have been out much longer than PC gaming, such as the ‘ol fashion 8-bit Nintendo, Atari 2600, etc. however PC gaming seems to be evolving much quicker and easier. PC games have the edge when it comes to graphics, and the customization of the computer, so many different components can be changed to fit your personal needs, and even add new hardware and programs when they come out, fairly soon. Whereas the only thing easily changeable for the consoles, is the memory, and maybe a few smaller parts such as the cooling system or fan. How PC Gaming Stacks Up Also, PC’s have the same abilities as the consoles, but can do everything else that you could need from checking emails, to doing your online banking and scheduling appointments etc. Also, computer games are much easier to update and patch all the annoying bugs and glitches, where console games are very rarely patched, and it’s always the good glitches that people want to keep. More on Console Gaming Consoles have the edge when it comes to the average person, who isn’t necessarily interested by the graphics and newest technologies. People looking to just hang out with friends and play more casually would most likely be more into the cheaper and user friendly consoles, and not have to worry about keeping up with the newest hardware to keep an edge over the competition. Also, playing with friends can be easier with the console, if they are at your house, you can get more controllers and make it a party, if they aren’t, you can play a wide variety of group team games such as most FPS’s and a lot of adventure and mind numbing arcade or puzzle games which often support up to eight or nine people. Consoles are also nice because it is easier to get use to a controller, when you figure out the button and stick layout, than it is a keyboard and mouse setup. Coming to a Conclusion When it comes down to it, it really just depends on what kind of gamer you are, whether you are hardcore Star Craft player who dominates the field, or a laidback COD player that mostly want to just kill more than be killed. I will always prefer consoles, because I am clueless on anything computer related, but my friends who practically built their own computers, wouldn’t even think about playing on a console. vs. Source: ikgaming.com POST WHAT YOU THINK BELOW~!