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  1. Muko

    Whats up! XboxModders!

    Welcome PM me if you need any help. :)
  2. Im downloading the software right now
  3. Muko

    She's too young for you ...

    If she can't tie her shoe, shes to young for you. :trollol:
  4. Muko

    Favorite Genre / Artists?

    I like: Hopsin TylerTheCreator Chief Keef Kid Cudi Ace Hood Rick Ross I hate Lil Wang.
  5. Muko

    wow.. stupid little kids

    I have a gay alcatel. :(
  6. Muko

    Hey guys im savage

    Hello PM me for anything
  7. Hey panther is leaking staff information

  8. It doesnt he released it to me as a beta tester
  9. Muko

    new to xbox iso modding

    Haha (.)_(.)
  10. Muko

    new to xbox iso modding

    Just to let you know Darkus is gay af
  11. Muko

    Save Vault - Online Save Sharer

    Pretty sick bro!
  12. Muko

    Hype's Gamertag Checker [Release]

    Bro this is sweet could you teach me on skype please? Wmoore2564
  13. Will the two Xbox be able to play with each other?