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  1. Mets08123

    Hey, I'm Mets08123

    Yes! That is me :D Taylor Swift <3333333333333333333333333
  2. Mets08123

    Community Resources for GFX

    Oh crap, I forgot about that! Thanks!
  3. Signature Tutorials: Modern Warfare 2 Signature Tutorial: Darrelle Revis Signature Tutorial: Daredevil Signature Tutorial: Toothless Signature Tutorial: How to Make A Smudge Signature Video: Photoshop Tutorials: Glossy Text Tutorial: How to Install Fonts: How to Install Brushes: How to Add A Simple Lighting Effect: How to Make A Simple Border:
  4. Mets08123

    Community Resources for GFX

    I will post all resources from the GFX community. This includes: C4Ds,Renders,Stocks,Fonts, and Resource Packs. Just PM me or post a reply and I'll add your resource to the OP. Also, they must all be in a .ZIP or a .RAR please don't just post one image, just make a whole pack and tell me what it is. Also, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE YOURS! C4Ds: 59 C4Ds (not transparent background) Bunch of C4Ds C4D Render Pack 7 Render Pack 5 10 C4D Renders 10 More C4D Renders 24 C4D Renders Another 24 C4D Renders 9 C4Ds Renders: 24 Rendered C4Ds(transparent background) Mixed Renders and C4Ds(823MB) 70 Renders Anime Renders 134 Concept Car Renders Soccer/Futbol Render Pack 100 Renders Stocks: Abstract Background Stocks 6 Underwater Backgrounds FairyTale Stock Pack Castle Stock Pack Forest Stock Pack Storm Stock Pack Satyrs' Super Hero Stocks Satyrs' Variety Stock Pack Fonts: Over 100 Fonts Graffiti Font Pack Nice Looking Fonts Brushes: 150 Tiny Bitty Pixel Splatter Brush 15 Fractal Brushes Nebulae Brushes Tribal Brushes Blood Splatter Brushes Bunch of Brushes Abstract Brushes Retro Brushes Coldfusion Pack Rise Brushes Lighting Effect Brushes Resource Packs: Mets08123's Resource Pack http://www.game-tuts...download-41847/ Pack of C4Ds, .PSDs, Stocks, and Other November's Resource Pack Decembers Resource Pack Mets08123's Sig PSDs Alexs' .PSD Pack Mets08123's Sig Pack #2 Other Stuff
  5. Mets08123

    Hey, I'm Mets08123

    Hey, I'm Mets08123! I am 18 years old :D I have been modding and doing graphic work for about 2 years now. I am currently an Admin on Game-Tuts, some may know me from there. I also, run my own site, but it's doing terrible atm :'( I am active on other sites too. I used to be an Admin on this site way back when Nickev owned it. That is all I really have to say, bye! ~Mets08123