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  1. Well, actually all sports are quite dangerous, at least most of them. Anyway, there are many saying that American Football isn't too dangerous and those saying it is are wimps. Do you agree or disagree?
  2. TheJason

    Bodybuilding as a Sport

    I like to mess around with dumbbells but lately haven't been so serious. Anyway, what can you bench? Do you like dumbbells, free weights, machines - or some combo of them?
  3. TheJason

    Jogging as a Sport

    I love jogging, but haven't tried it as a sport like cross country running. Anyway, have you tried it? Have you won any awards? What is your strategy for jogging and where do you do it?
  4. TheJason

    Tennis and Badminton

    Never cared for tennis, but badminton seemed fun. Anyone try badminton? I played in high school gym class.
  5. Since I'm American, I don't know much about them - but I would like to get a video game and learn more. So anyway, has anyone played them? Are you good? What was your experience?
  6. I love baseball, However, I don't like to watch it. Anyway, I figure I'm not alone on that. However, though, they say if you know the players and maybe other things, it's more fun to watch.
  7. TheJason

    Winning Stanley Cup Winner

    Has your area ever produced it? My home, Tennessee USA, oddly enough, had a team in the Stanley Cup recently, but they didn't win. Anyway, I say, oddly enough, because this isn't a hockey area.
  8. Myself, it's been so long I can cannot say. Anyway, when did you discover you liked your favorite position/positions? Do you think your opinion could ever change?
  9. TheJason

    Who likes hockey?

    Well, there is ice, roller, and floor. Myself, I haven't tried ice cause no rinks around here and not roller cause, well, I just haven't run into it. Anyway, I did try floor hockey in high school and it was a blast. Anyone try it?
  10. I liked the Eagles cause they hadn't won before. Anyway, at first, I didn't care because Philadelphia is at least 1000 miles probably from my home. However, though, as I watched the game I was impressed.
  11. Note, this isn't about who you like necessarily, but who you think will take it all. Myself, I don't really know. Anyway, I hope it isn't a team that wins the World Cup often.
  12. TheJason

    The World Cup 2018

    As of now, I'd like to see Japan, England, or Spain get it. It's because Japan has never won at all and the other two only won one time. Japan has been beat? Oh, too bad!
  13. TheJason

    Movies or songs

    I like music more than movies. Music is like a book where you can use your imagination. I mean, unless it's a music video or something.
  14. Anyone up to the challenge? How difficult would it be? Also, how much would the pay be and how exactly would you be paid?
  15. TheJason

    The Xbox Controller

    How would you compare it to what you see with other consoles? Do you think the controller is a reason why you might prefer Xbox? Are there any special types of the controller you like?