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  1. Lidlie

    Least favorite Anime

    My least favorite anime is Nagi No Asukara. This anime has a unique concept. The animation is even good too. But still, in the end it's worst than average. The characters are some of the most unmemorable ever seen, and that alone just proves it's worse than mediocre.
  2. My most favorite Disney animated film is The Lion King. I love this anime when I was a kid and I still love it now. The rest of my favorites are Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Toy Story and Finding Nemo.
  3. My top 5 favorite comedians are: 1. Kevin Hart 2. Jack Black 3. Chris Rock 4. Ben Stiller 5. Adam Sandler
  4. Your girl is lying when she keeps her phone locked and out of sight, if she overreacts if you want to check the text messages and phone calls of her phone, if she has late night calls and if she has trouble making an eye contact with you.
  5. The difference between love and like are if your in love with that person your heart beats faster and if you only like her you only get happy. Another difference is love doesn't come with excuses and there is also commitment while like is like infatuation, it will change according to time and situation.
  6. The things that I don't want to hear from my partner are grow up or shut up and probably the most dangerous thing that I don't want to hear from her is I'm gonna kill you because you never know if it is only an expression, if she is only seeking for attention or if this threat will become real.
  7. Yes and I highly recommend Train to Busan for those who haven't seen the movie. It is a South Korean zombie action thriller. The movie is really entertaining, has a good plot with several good action elements. This movie by the way is more similar to World War Z.
  8. Lidlie

    Favorite Sport

    I answered basketball because I love playing the game and watching NBA, and it is also famous in our country. You should also include boxing. It is also a good sport.
  9. "Doggy Heaven" All doggies go to heaven (or so I've been told). They run and play along the streets of gold. Why is heaven such a doggie delight? Why, because there's not a single cat in sight.
  10. I am actually not an alcoholic drinker but I know when to tell if a person is drunk because of my friends. You are drunk if you vomit, if you are restless, if your sweating a lot, inability to walk and slurred speech.
  11. Lidlie

    Movies or songs

    I would totally agree. I actually love watching movies and listening to music. I watch movies to be entertained, inspired and because it takes me to places that I've never been just even for few moments. And I listen to music in order to feel good, relax and reminisce my past.
  12. Lidlie

    Blind Writing Name Game

    I actually got it right on my first try but on my second the result is Lidliw but still pretty close.
  13. Lidlie

    What is your Stripper name?

    Mine is Diamond leather cheeks. It sounds cool though.
  14. Lidlie

    Type your name backwards

    I am Lidlie so my backward name is Eildil. Still unique. haha
  15. The same here. I am also not an alcoholic person. I actually never drink beer and hate seeing guys who drink and can't even control themselves when their drunk. I just enjoy drinking juice, energy drink and water.