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  1. cherry

    Dont you hate scammers

    scammers are everywhere even on forums so one just have to be careful of people posing as whatever.So many fake people around.
  2. cherry

    500 posts

    I'm still new to the forum and I'm enjoying it.I hope to post more often here and also learn from other replies here.This is a great forum.
  3. cherry

    What's the story behind your username?

    You are definitely right our names does influence us directly or indirectly.yea I have noticed your way of writing and it really good.
  4. cherry

    The Cinema - Rate the last movie you saw?

    The last movie I saw in the cinema was Enigma rating 8/10 Interesting Entertaining With a flat ending
  5. cherry

    Who is your favorite rapper? Why?

    I love kanye west in kids see ghosts. It was a nice one from him
  6. cherry

    Any wrestling fans in the house

    I actually loves two wrestlers Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.They are my favorites but I prefer Roman Reigns more.
  7. cherry

    What's the story behind your username?

    Cherry is my name and it a name of a fruit I like and very it very lovely to me I enjoy eating it alot
  8. cherry

    Choice of your lady

    A curvy girl with a beautiful face and heart is a delight for any man. For me I love thin and fit girls and those that can cook very good meals.
  9. You are right the more reasons I don't take alcoholic drinks.one get drunk and lose control and sometimes i don't even see reasons why I should take alcoholic drinks
  10. cherry

    Type your name backwards

    Cherry,backward is yrrech.
  11. cherry

    Lets Count! [Fun Game]

    #13 I'm cherry
  12. cherry

    Rate The Avatar Above You

    I rate you 7/10
  13. cherry

    The Banned Game.

    I ban you for being too techy than being an entertainer