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  1. Cheelito

    What are you? (QUIZ)

    You're a pet. It is not a fun quiz. LOL
  2. Cheelito

    What's the story behind your username?

    I just made it there is no meaning behind the my username.
  3. Cheelito

    Type your name with your nose!

    I ca't believe I did it.
  4. Cheelito

    Choice of your lady

    I want a girl who cares for me, respect my mother and kind to others. I want a girl who is loyal and family oriented.
  5. Cheelito

    Are you a happy person?

    Yes, I am the type of person who is happy even if I am not. I am actually good at making other people laugh. Life is too short to be sad.
  6. Miss Sloane, I just watched this movie last night. The story is about a woman who is obsessed with winning. There is a bill that they don't want to pass and that is a bill about carrying a weapon. I just ended up finishing the movie and the movie is good.
  7. I stop drinking for more than 5 years now. But before in my country there is a beer that is very famous and most of the people buy this beer on every occasion. Its "Red Horse"it is a delicious beer and the price is very affordable.
  8. Cheelito

    What Your Favorite Tv Show?

    My favorite TV Show is Game of Thrones I think this is one of the best series that was made. It has many season already and I think the winter is coming.
  9. Cheelito

    Do you listen to music

    I listen to music depends on my mood. If I am sad that the time that I listen to sentimental songs. Listening to music can make you relax if you are stress at work or having a bad day.
  10. Cheelito

    Top 5 favorite movies

    My top 5 movies are 1. Pirates of the Carebbean 2. Gladiator 3. Escape 4. Iron Man 5. Infinity war (AVENGERS)
  11. Cheelito

    Greeting to Everyone

    Good Day, I am new to the site lets have a good conversation everyone.