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  1. huggypillows

    a sad dream

    Well when I woke from a beautiful thats the most saddest dream ever that I want to stay there longer and to be with those people in my dream. Sometimes my dream is much better than my reality thats why I choose to sleep more and I much to sleep than to be awake. living in dream is much better for me. but sadly my reality is not my dream. I just always telling to myself If I want that dream to be real I have to do my things . make that dream real. cant wait to see it in real.
  2. huggypillows


    I have favorite number 27 I dont know I just like that number and will never forget that special number in my life I hope this number will number forget about me too and love me back back like how much I love this number cant wait for this number to come and meet my day again. I think I will make it as my special holiday. thats how I love that number so much.
  3. Really so batman partner is cat woman. I didnt know about this I thought batman will marry a ordinary girl. But who is cat woman in his life is it someone special? I should watch the whole movie of batman to understand how this happen too. But Im sad Batman is my crush, I feel bad he getting married now.
  4. huggypillows

    Last Song You Listen Too?

    Today, Antipako Filipino by Nadine Lustre, I like her songs one of my favorite singer today she has a good list of song and I like her voice too. But sometimes I do listen japanese songs or some foreign song it depends to melody even i dont understand what they singing you can feel it by listening the melody of the song.
  5. huggypillows

    Movies or songs

    Both. Movies in my free time and music while doing my things. its part of my life, my day wasnt complete if I dont listen to some music and its also my stress reliever for my daily stress. Im calling it self comforting.
  6. huggypillows

    2018 Anime What is your Favorite?

    For those who are watching anime can you recommend the latest anime that you are watching? I wanna know hows the anime 2018?
  7. huggypillows

    The 25 Best Disney Animated Movies

    Lion kings and moana are my favorites movie but ofcourse all disney movie are good to watch specially for those kind thats so inspired to be the character that they want to be. now If you will lecture your kids you can say to be a princess you need to be like this and like that they will follow you what you said act that they are really a princess. disney movies should always remember that the movies they showing should be a good example for the kids . because most of there viewers were kids.
  8. huggypillows

    Who's ready for football season?

    LATELY is World cup .. and the football game today is really awesome. well its enjoy watching them. and cant wait to know who will be the winner. yesterday I watched the game of japan. Japan gave their best till end but sadly didnt win. but still nice try for team japan.
  9. huggypillows

    Paintballing? Your thoughts?

    I want to try this paintball with my friends. but its so unfair If the first one will hit is me. this game is pretty cool to play with a big team with a prize in the end. Hope Ill find mate I can play this game with.
  10. huggypillows

    Do you support VAR (Video Assistant Referee) in football

    Im not so into sports but sometimes I like watching it too. like everyone is talking about whats going on world cup 2018 that they look so disappointed for the game. Im curious thats why Im trying to watch sometimes. If VAR will be good for this why not. Technology is part of our life now. Its hard to refuse the technology can give us but I think a physical referee is better if still there. They can give the referee a equipment to monitor the whole game but not whole thing letting the technology to do all the job.
  11. huggypillows

    What are your favorite anime fights?

    Watched those fights too. and those are the fight I like too. sometimes I just re-watching some fight of anime and I like the cool music for background while they are fighting. There is a fight of ichigo that i like too.. where they Number 1 as a background music. and Dragob ball Z every final part of the battle where Goku will give his all power (insert background) cant stop myself to be excited and have a teary eye like the scene is so touching.
  12. Still buying DVD I like collecting it and maybe I can show to my future family someday. In the future we dont know how fast our technology growing there is a chance that we cannot see DVD or buy if we will have a easy access to everything. Keep it as a treasure and it will last longer and I like the cover of each anime DVD I bought. If japan is just really near here where you can buy more original DVD that will more great. Live long DVD collector.
  13. huggypillows

    Which anime character would you like to become for a day?

    I want to be Hinata. I like her character and I love love to marry Naruto. Hinata love for Naruto is the most innocent love I've seen. She love unconditionally she contented by just watching naruto from far away. They both deserve each other In the end of story Hinata show how he love naruto so much and she never give up and do her best to protect naruto. maybe if you really love someone you are willing to do something for that person as long that it will be good for them, and help them. You will help the person you love alone so that person will more stronger. and ready to face all the trial that he might face in the future.
  14. Clannad and Naruto since both of these anime already finished so I think I can re-watch it from the start. Clannad is inspirational anime for me . same to Naruto both lead character has a strong will power and good character. Nagisa from beiong sweet and love her family so much she see the world as a big home not a cruel world that it looks that the world cannot harm her that's how she see the world, that's why everyone loves her Being loved is the best feeling and she really deserve it and her story with tomoya is one of the cutest story I've seen how tomoya love nagisa and how nagisa love tomaya. That we can only see in world of anime. and for naruto. most of otaku know this character. He is one of the famous anime character of history worth to recommend to the next generation too. This anime shows a strong character that you need to work hard if you want to be more stronger and dont give up easily because maybe sometimes life will be hard for you but all you need to do is to fight for your life for others even they dont ask you too. Doing good things will help you to be more stronger.
  15. huggypillows

    Favorite anime genre?

    I like Romance and school life anime, But Action and mystery is cool too. and some shoujo manga with anime adaptation. But sometimes it depends to the story line Old anime has the best story line ever like fruit basket than can make you cry and clannad, one of my favorite I will never forget this anime. Once that you start one series from that you cannot stop yourself watching it and finish it till the end. There are more good anime out there you just have to find and know what kind of genre you like. There are some new anime where you can relate and sometimes you will learn something from it anime shows the life what we like someone and sometimes we are dreaming that we are in their world and do the cool things that they doing.