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  1. fishbate


    Go and have fun, just stay positive and don't let anything stop you. Never loose hope and faith, stay strong for your mom.
  2. Watching the rain fall....thinking of soup!

  3. fishbate

    Tutorial: Checking for Keyloggers/Ect.

    Wow, that is one very good tutorial. I really don't know that you can do this on your PC. This will really help specially in determining if your pc is being hacked or your accounts are being used by someone else. Thanks for the tips.
  4. That's a good tutorial, very informative specially the optimization part. I still have a Win7 OS running on one of my device and i will definitely go for this.
  5. fishbate

    What is your favorite Anime?

    Well Naruto for me, i have watched it since day one. And even i have finished basically the recent episodes, i don't mind watching replays just to make sure i didn't missed anything.
  6. fishbate

    You can only chose 1 side

    Pokemon for me, i like the episodes and also the game. The anime just brings positive vibes so its better than the news today.
  7. fishbate

    Halo: Combat Evolved Review

    Yeah, 10/10 also for me. I love the game and the graphic details. Although i played the game in Windows platform i still think that Halo CE is excellent both. Also the game is very light in terms of system requirements that's why its very playable. I have finished the campaign several times and i still play it from time to time.
  8. fishbate

    Fav. PC Game?

    One of my favorite game is Age of Empires by Ensemble Studio. Its a strategy war game where you run your village and try to upgrade and conquer other cities. I have been playing this game for years from its first version to the recent one.
  9. fishbate

    New PC game, Inspired by Minecraft

    Roblox is i think similar and Minecraft inspired. Although its much higher in system requirement and its more of an online game. But it works like a next generation Minecraft.
  10. fishbate

    do you turn off your computer or leave it on?

    I just set it up on power options. Its more convenient and just automatically do the task within your preference.
  11. fishbate

    My Old Laptops?

    There are lots of hardware components in a laptop that is still usable like HDD, ROM, RAM, Bluetooth Module, Camera Module and even the screen. If you have a little bit of skills try up cycling them. But if it still works fine you can use it as a server or a DVR for CCTV.
  12. fishbate

    Favorite app/game

    I have an app called electrodroid, its an electronics guide app which i use for my projects. The app is really great specially the calculators that is essential in identifying right components. The best part of it is it's free...
  13. fishbate

    Battery Life

    Well try to identify what is causing the problem. Its either a hardware (battery) or System related (Apps and functions). Charge the phone up to 100% then unplug and enable airplane mode. Be sure that all connectivity is disabled like bluetooth, WIFI, etc...After assuring that there's no connectivity running and the phone is basically running on minimum power. Let it just sit for 1 hour without doing anything. After 1 hour check your battery percentage. Apply a standard calculation, example after 1 hour the battery percentage is %90 then you are using 10% battery on idle. Meaning that the phone could last 10 hours idle, that's not bad in my opinion because the system is still running and you may just need some optimization app. But if the result is around %70 or lower in just an hour you might have a hardware issue. Its either the battery or the power regulators.
  14. fishbate

    Favorite program?

    I like VSDC, its a video editing software that use to create and edit videos for online content. The features and functions of this program is really great specially on the output features where you ca easily choose the output file fit for the platform where you want to upload the video. The best part of it is it's free...
  15. fishbate

    How To Speed Your Pc Up

    Apart from system tweaks, you also need to upgrade your hardware. The system tweaks can only do so much, but hardware generally has speed and power limitations. Every time your system runs, the speed and power depends on your hardware capabilities. If your hardware reaches its limit, you will probably have problems on your system efficiency. So better to include hardware replacement on your maintenance plan.