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  1. I do both buying the DVD and downloading or streaming it online. But it's a lot more cheaper to buy DVD's. It's only when I don't see the particular animation that I'm looking for in DVD that I would be forced to download or stream it online.
  2. Martinsx

    2018 Anime What is your Favorite?

    Well, there are so many animations but my favorite happens to be an old one which I still enjoy watching till today. Can you take a look at my profile picture, what do you see there? It's avatar cartoon animation. It's my favorite of all times, I don't think I would be shifting it over for another one anytime soon.
  3. Martinsx

    Who likes baseball and softball?

    I haven't played baseball but I do follow it and love watching it, unlike some other sports I hate to give my time or attention. I don't understand cricket and as a result of that, I don't watch it or get into it. The same thing goes for volloy ball, I don't fancy it and I hate seeing men play it.
  4. Martinsx

    Cricket, Australian Rules Football, and Rugby

    If I'm being honest, I would truthfully tell you that till today that I am still struggling to understand how the sports cricket is played. I have watched it several times, read about it online but I'm still at loss in understanding it. In fact it's the only sports that have eluded my understanding till today. I have actually given up on learning anything about the sports.
  5. Martinsx

    Tennis and Badminton

    I played amateur tennis when I was still a teenager. We constructed our tennis board by ourselves and play any time we feel like. Sometime we do place bets when playing and it was so fun. We also played long tennis, we used chalk to draw the court and used cloth to do the net and played for fun.
  6. Martinsx

    Who is best footballer at the moment?

    Well, at the moment if I'm being honest, there is more than one person who is the best footballer at the moment. At least, I can count more than 5 player who are on top of their game, and they are likely to become the contenders of the world best player award in the future. These players are; Hazard Lukaku Mbappe Coutinho Neymar Messi C. Ronaldo Harry Kane
  7. Martinsx

    Bodybuilding as a Sport

    Well, I just like building some parts of my body. So, it's just my abdomen, biceps, and thighs that I focus my bodybuilding on when working out at the gym. I'm not going for dead weightlifting competition , so I don't see any reason to put myself in too stress of excess bodybuilding.
  8. Martinsx

    Jogging as a Sport

    Yes of course, I jog every morning without missing it. In fact, it's not been a while that I came back from my morning jogging. I do it as a morning exercise routine on daily basis before going to the gym. It keeps me fit and always in a good shape.
  9. Martinsx

    Which football club do you support?

    Ever since I know what football is all about and started watching as well as playing soccer, I have only supported only one football club in my life and it's only going to be that club I'm going to support till death do us part. The football club that I'm supporting is the Red Devils Manchester United. The only football club that's won the English Premier League for 20 record times. They are the most successful club in England.
  10. Martinsx

    Is Ronaldo winning the World player of the year again?

    Well, as a Ronaldo fan, it's only normal for me to have sentiments and say that he is going to win it. Looking at the competition he has got for the award, it's only Messi that would bring a close battle once again for it but looking at statistics and their performances in the Russia 2018 world cup, Ronaldo proved to be one who will win it.
  11. Martinsx

    Your Favorite Position/Positions in Soccer

    Well, I'm a utility player when it comes to soccer. I can play central defender, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder and on the wings as well but most preferably on the right wing. But of all these positions, my favorite happens to be on the duty of defensive midfield role.
  12. Martinsx

    Do you think American Football is too dangerous?

    Yes, I'm of the opinion that American football is very dangerous, although all sports that comes with body contact is a dangerous sports. There is no way to eliminate injuries from it and with the hard tackle and throws we see in the American football, it's absolutely a dangerous sports just like rugby is.
  13. Martinsx

    Golden boot winner in Russia 2018 World Cup

    Having played in the most tough league in football which is the English Premier League, Harry Kane has got the potential to win the Russia 2018 world cup golden boot. He is strong, sharp, can score with both legs, can head, can score spot kick. In fact, he is the most complete strike in the world today today.
  14. Martinsx

    Who will actually win the World Cup?

    If you watched the Belgium vs Japan match last night, you are definitely going to have the opinion that Belgium would win the Russia 2018 world cup if they keep playing the way that they played last night. It's the first time since 1970 there have been a 2-0 comeback win in the world cup.
  15. Martinsx

    The World Cup 2018

    Yeah, Japan lost in the most heartbreaking way ever since the tournament started. They led by 2-0, but later lost 3-2. It was such a painful day for them.