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  1. At last ... I almost thought this would not happen, but now that it finally has, I am super excited. It almost feels like I am the one who has won the Emmy. I have always loved Game of Thrones and like many other fans out there, this victory is actually a victory to each one of us. The script is amazing, the casting is perfect and the setting gets you feeling like you really want to go back in time when life was life.
  2. cyrus_w

    Rise of the underdogs

    This is an old thread but I just had to comment on it. I remember how my dad and I were laughing in the living room as we watched the superheroes of football being kicked out of the tournament by the 'underdogs'. It seems like change is gaining some foothold in the football arena. The same is being seen every day in leagues across the globe. The pain, however, comes when I have to watch my favorite team being beaten up by newbies. Trust me, it feels really bad to watch it. It is like watching your son getting beaten up by other boys in the neighborhood but cannot do anything about it.
  3. Neymar is a man who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. I mean, why not just be like him and use shortcuts to excel in life. He is a role model and I love him for what he does. At least goals come out of his 'erratic' behavior. And by the way, there is also an ad in Kenya that features a footballer who like Neymar, falls down and rolls in "pain" as he makes his way out of the stadium. The camera crew follows him into town, across a highway, only for the clever chap to stop at a KFC restaurant for some chicken.
  4. cyrus_w

    Is Captain Marvel Human or Alien?

    Nice piece you have got there. Before I read the whole story, I would have submitted a different point of view. Maybe Carol is an alien with human tendencies. Come to think of it especially considering the fact that she does not quite behave like a human. Even so, she is beautiful and I love the way she is portrayed in the film. The age of female superheroes is dawning and Carol is right in the middle of it. And by the way, I am still waiting for a film that will cast more than 3 superheroines at once. It will be the biggest thing ever done in Science fiction movies.
  5. This is just hilarious! I personally had never thought about Ernie and Bert being gay. I mean, they are just puppets and they have actually inspired many people about creating lasting relationships that are based purely on platonic friendship. I think the only reason that Saltzman claims to have written the puppets as gay is because that is the closest thing to friendship that came to mind. It is, however, very unfortunate to hold such claims because to some extent, they diminish the credibility of the whole idea.
  6. cyrus_w

    Shooter Season 3 Released

    Thanks, dude ... I am happy that at least there is someone in the house who loves the same things that I do. Shooter is one of the best TV series going on this year and I am more than confident that it is a favorite to millions around the world. I also wanted to thank you for the link for downloading TV series. I have tried it out and it worked wonders. Please keep the forum posted on new releases. I really appreciate your input, and I have turned on my notifications so that I can remain posted on information.
  7. cyrus_w

    Any wrestling fans in the house

    I have always believed that wrestling is acted to some extent. There might be some real stuff, especially because we occasionally spot some blood in the action. Even so, it is a great entertainment sport and I love it. Part of why I do is the way my dad always waited for Monday night RAW and Saturday Smackdown. During the old days, I loved Shawn Michael, Tripple H, Batista, Randy Orton, Eddy Guerrero, and John Cena. I know some of these guys are still around, but they used to be so good back then.
  8. I wonder why everyone is intrigued by shark movies even when the concept behind creation of the film is vague. I'd at least advocate for Piranha because it feels more real. I remember the first time I watched Jaws. There was no way I was going to the beach. Having traveled to a coastal town recently, I said NO to all marine films about monsters. I have to at least lie to myself that sharks and killer whales don't exist so that I can have the courage to board a boat to a nearby Island. Who's with me on this?
  9. cyrus_w

    Movies or songs

    To me, it is more like choosing between reality and fiction. Since music is more on the reality side than movies, I would go with music. I used to be an ardent movie lover back then when life hadn't become real. As I grew up, I found myself on the constant course of looking for inspiration. Movies failed terribly at this, and that's how I discovered the power of music. At first, I did not even know which songs to listen to. I asked my friends which ones were the best and they all recommended new releases that just didn't make sense to me. Most of the songs were just about money, sex and love. My quest for better meaning in songs landed me into classical music. There, I discovered a real world of emotion and true ideals of the human nature. I still don't remember how I transitioned to Christian music, but it must have been one worship song I listened to on one of my favorite home radio stations. Before I knew it, I hadn't watched a movie in almost a year, and I was totally normal. I even managed to lure most of my friends into music. Now, I am learning to play the saxophone. As you can see, there is a whole new world to explore in songs as opposed to movies. So, there you have it ... Songs are the way to go!😉