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  1. focusedwriter10

    The World Cup 2018

    I was supporting Belgium. I hope they will emerge the winners of the next world cup.
  2. focusedwriter10

    Bodybuilding as a Sport

    Bodybuilding is a sport. But, I am not into it. I had some injury while in college because I was so much into bodybuilding. Since then, I have never gone back to the sport.
  3. focusedwriter10

    Do you support VAR (Video Assistant Referee) in football

    VAR is good and should be used in all games. They are helping in solving problems. Manipulation of technology is not easier.
  4. focusedwriter10

    The Best Gaming Chairs

    Gamers spend a lot of time on the screen, and it is important to take care of their health. The kind of seat that one uses is essential. I am using the Modway Articulated Mesh Office Chair.
  5. focusedwriter10

    The Best TV Stands for Gaming

    Great review regarding the best TV stands. If I had the cash, I would choose the first TV stand.
  6. focusedwriter10

    Who will actually win the World Cup?

    This was my prediction but I was wrong. All in all, I enjoyed and loved their game.
  7. focusedwriter10

    As of 2018, what sports do you like?

    I like volleyball and football. This is because I have been playing the games since I was young. I played for my primary, high school and college at national levels. Currently, I play for my village team.
  8. focusedwriter10

    Jogging as a Sport

    Jogging is totally different from running the cross country. I have seen most global athletes from Kenya train in the field next to our home, and I can tell you that running involves a lot of things. Jogging is just an exercise. To run, you need to set the distance and time.
  9. focusedwriter10

    Who likes hockey?

    Hockey is among the games that I seriously fear. However, I have always enjoyed watching the game. I cannot even try to play the game.
  10. focusedwriter10

    The Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    To be honest, I have never had an opportunity to use such a keyboard, but the article is insightful, and I have learned something I never knew.
  11. focusedwriter10

    Tennis and Badminton

    The two games are fun. I enjoyed playing tennis and badminton when I was in high school.
  12. focusedwriter10

    Do you think American Football is too dangerous?

    From my point of view, American football is extremely dangerous. The players are so rough, and I highly doubt if they are sober. The game is physical, and that's why they have the protective gear.
  13. focusedwriter10

    Your Favorite Position/Positions in Soccer

    When I was young, I used to play as the left wing attacker, position 11 to be precise. However, I started playing as a left wing defender (position 3) in high school and in college. My position depends on how strong or weak my teammates are. I can play either on position 3 or 11.
  14. focusedwriter10

    Who likes baseball and softball?

    I know nothing about the two. I am a fan of football and volleyball. If I am not watching either of the two, then I am watching basketball. I am a football player.
  15. focusedwriter10

    Who is best footballer at the moment?

    Christiano is the greatest of all. The guy doesn't wait for the ball. Instead, he sweats to have the ball with him. I like his tactics, although he is rough at times.