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  1. greenwood88

    Which anime character would you like to become for a day?

    I would love to become Ash Ketchum and catch all thousands of Pokemons because I wanna be the very best that no one ever was. 😂
  2. Thinking 💭 of saving money for black friday.😎

  3. greenwood88

    What's your favorite jam?

    I asked my 2 friends what's the the worst jam ever? Friend 1 : Well, the worst is rock. I am not into it, gives me headache 😠. I like hiphop better. Friend 2: Mine is worst than yours. Could there be any worst than the traffic jam? Dang it! Worst jam ever. 😂
  4. greenwood88

    Hello a newbie right here.

    I came and finally conquered xboxmodders. 😂 Hi! greenwood88 signing in fresh from the beautiful country of the Philippines. Sending my love to all the xboxmodders out there.
  5. greenwood88

    New Rule For Introductory Section

    This is noted and thank you for the update.