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  1. Hey there lads! I'm new here and would like to get to know you better? Can I suggest to open a Discord server here, or do you guys have it already? Thanks ahead!
  2. Bravosi

    Sup I'm Figofami

    Hey there fellow newbie comrade! Figofami... That's an interesting name... :) Does it mean something?
  3. Bravosi

    Hello guys

    Did you happen to watch Korra too? I personally didn't like it. She doesn't feel like an Avatar, but rather a whiny school girl. Sorry if you're a fan of Korra and I'm by accidentally offending. :P I like Bolin though
  4. Bravosi

    Hello a newbie right here.

    Did you notice that two of us are almost on every thread? Haha. It's quite funny how we're everywhere 😄
  5. Bravosi

    Hi Im Appeal

    Oh, so you're relatively new too. Not bad, hehe. :)
  6. Bravosi

    Hello I'm new here

    Hey there ModdersUnited, are you still around?
  7. Hey there guys! As some of you know, I'm new here. I really want to get to know you all better so I would like to live chat somewhere. This forum seems like a nice and cousy place. Let's make it even better together! 😄
  8. Bravosi

    Let's voice chat somewhere!

    Aw, well okay. If you will be let me know. Would be splendid. :)
  9. Bravosi

    Hi guys!

    Do you play them with your family? 😄 Where are you from btw?
  10. Bravosi

    Behappie is right here!

    Quite funny also, hehe. I noticed how two of us are the most active recently arrived newbies... :)
  11. Bravosi

    Hi I Am Fusionxtactics

    Myself I'm a PS2 person. To be honest with you, consoles aren't really my thing, although I do enjoy the feeling of holding a joystick. So I'm collecting all the PS2 games out there, as I'm still using it.
  12. Bravosi

    Hey Guys Im Zombies

    I believe it did grown, but I'm quite surprised that your post is out here since 2013. 😄
  13. Bravosi

    Hi guys!

    Hey there Jenny! I'm looking forward to that too. Tell us something about yourself. :) Myself I'm a familyman, married, kids, playing games when have time. Mostly working, haha!
  14. Bravosi

    Hello a newbie right here.

    Oh ok, I actually asked that twice of you in another thread, sorry about that. :)
  15. Bravosi

    Behappie is right here!

    Hey there Behappie! :) It's a nice name ya' got. Are you still hanging around here mate?
  16. Bravosi

    Hi Im Appeal

    Did you just join? Because your post count is far more superior and numerous to mine. Hehe :)
  17. Bravosi

    Let's voice chat somewhere!

    Do you have Skype or Discord? Or maybe do you play League of Legends by chance? :)
  18. Bravosi

    Hello Guys!

    Nice to meet you! I know it's an old post ,but I'm hoping you're still here. Would like us all to get together as soon as possible. :)
  19. Bravosi

    Award Request

    Wow, I know it's out of subject, but how did you get the rank advanced member? I want it too! :O I suppose it depends on the amount of posts/threads I create? Or the likes they receive?
  20. Bravosi

    Is there a discord for this forum?

    Okay, and if you'll need any help with anything let me know. I have a community of 6,000 people on Facebook. Maybe I could advertise there if you want. :)
  21. Bravosi

    Hello a newbie right here.

    Do you guys have a Skype or Discord? I would like to get to know you better. Yes, you too admin, I know you're reading this hehe. :)
  22. Bravosi

    Let's voice chat somewhere!

    We need to make it even better! :) I have a lot of forums to browse once in a while, but this one feels like home. I don't know, maybe it's the green theme that makes it look so neat.
  23. Hello there dear people! I'm a relatively new user here, and I noticed that our community is quite friendly, but small. So we need to build it up. But prior to building it up, I would like to know how can we check how many daily active users we have here? :)
  24. Bravosi

    Calculation of active forum members

    Oh, thanks admin. I've just found it. Do you have any idea how to increase forum's population? I try to write as much as possible, but we need to attract more people. I really want to help it grow. :)
  25. Bravosi

    Tips On Making A Good Suggestion

    That's a sweet topic, thanks! Very well written. 😄 I must add, however, in order to have good suggestions a person must have good imagination. And it's really random, depends how you sleep on it...