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    haxing and getting stacks
  1. Kaiten

    i cant post in subox!

    hey i cant post in subbox someone fix it
  2. no this site is done im leaving it u posted a homework service this was a waste of time and money
  3. Yo xm im back and online once agian ii need a trusted recorder to record my online h4x and offline h4x Heres what you need to qualify to be my official Recorder 1. at least a capture card with good quality or a pvr<3 2.A youtube channel with atleast 100 subs or more(: 3.needs to be on xbox most of the time i host randomly 4.Cant be leeching for ma h4x all the time. 5.needs to have some sort of im where i can message you when im bout to boot up 6.needs atleast good editing skills cause i need a intro 7.Needs to have mw2 bo mw3 cod4 cod5 if you dont have any of these shoo go away 8.Needs to be a friend not a leech 9.Needs to spread the word about ma hax 10. needs to find payers so i can buy kvs 11.if you can follow all of these rules you will be rewaarded with your name in my patch and you will be rewEDED with invs to all my lobbies if you need me aim me sessionsampletdm
  4. Kaiten

    Starting a new Solo Clan (Dev)

    accepted but why is ur aim my aim?
  5. Kaiten

    Teh 1337 Quits Modding

    gtfo stop leeching
  6. Smexy XP&Fast Mw2 recovery service :wub:XboxModders :wub: All XM Members to Pay You May Use XM Points People who Donate 3,OOO XM Points Or More *There Service Will Be Done Faster! Opening Times: Friday&Sunday. Rather Than Just Pming me on here, message me on AIM SessionSampletdm. What you get: Any prestige. All titles&emblems. All challenges. All camos. Gold Desert Eagle. Custom Classes. All atachments. Pro perks. Modded Ultra 1337 stancludes the spinning 10th. Thanks F.A.Q Q. How Long Will Your Recovery Take? A. My Recoveries Take About 3min 1 For Downloading 2 For Modding 3 CHECKSUM. Q. Sounds great should i just send my Email and pass? A. No Wait untill you get the green Light From Me to send At Most Times I'm real busy Thank you For Choosing Kaitens Lobbies :)
  7. welcome to teh server<3 #you got my vouch

  9. Hey Guys its kaiten and im back And Online i will now be doing modding services for the avalible games below this will make a boost in the xbox modders community well here are the games below that im doing online services for MW2 MW3 BLACK OPS CALL OF DUTY 4 CALL OF DUTY 5 ----------------End---------------- Yes thats right i will be doing services for all those games listed Above i will provide details of each lobby service later but i will now get into the payment options the best ways to pay or dontate is moneypak paypal xmpoints (depending on service) Live time ---------------------------------------- There will be no other payment options other than that so no accounts or brazzers preniumlol but now i will be getting into the Q&A Off teh Kaitens Lobby SERVICES --------------------------------------- Q:When Will You Host? A:When ever i feel like it jk i will host when ever i recive some stacks Q:What Happens If i dont got the stacks A:Then You Aint Getting None of Kaitens Hax