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  1. Magic

    Gods DLC liscnese transfer shop

    Seems Legit, Im Good Though <3
  2. Magic

    23 Years Old Today

    Agreed with Rairity :P Happy Birthday Gameboy!
  3. Magic

    Free Cake - Regular Show

    Lol, I love you Feat: No Homo. inb4featgivesnastycombacktosanc.
  4. Magic

    Achievement Time!

    Im on thanks list <3 Congrats man!
  5. Magic

    Feat's 48 hour codes shop [XMBucks]

    Legit. Just got mine now havent tried it out but.. Hope it works Yea, this is a vouch
  6. Im out for the night guys <3

  7. Im out for the night guys >3

  8. Thanks for looking at this :) What a awesome sig eh?
  9. Magic

    Magics Hunting Topic

    This topic is for me to upload pictures and other things of Hunting 2012!! No Pictures Yet.
  10. Zephiro- Hey guys today im going to show you how to host the Templar v2 Mod Menu when you have part 1 and part 2! :D Part One(Of Hosting It) Go to a private match Open Mod Menu(Right D-PAD) Go Down To Infection Menu Click it with the A Button Now Click Part One Leave The Game Invite who you want to get it Have them join,split screen and join back Now Change The Map To Shipment And Gamemode To Free For All And Lastly Time Unlimited Now, Go back in the infection menu Click part 2 And click any one of them. If your friend cant shoot than it worked :) If he can then it didnt :( Then wait the whole 1537 Seconds(I think) After that your friend will be kicked And bang he has it :) Repeat and Repeat to host for more :) Thank And Rep If This Helped BTW: I do host just PM me for the menu :)
  11. Magic

    Feats Shop | Tons of stuff!

    No!! Ill save up! I love that gammertag!
  12. Magic

    Feats Shop | Tons of stuff!

    Will you accept all my XM for Driving Home?
  13. Magic

    Feat's MW2 Hosting service [PC]

    Wish I had MW2
  14. Magic

    The Logic Of CoD

    Nice topic ;) So True Though!
  15. Magic

    [VB.Net/C#] Animated Tab Control

    Like It!