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  1. Recon


    Thank you everyone for the wishes. Sadly she doesn't want to do kemotherapy so I don't know how long she has. But thanks for all the support
  2. I will be gone for about 3-4 days. My mom has lung cancer and will pass away in about 2 months so I am going with her to Disneyland because that's what she wants to do. I just wanted to let you know so you don't think I'm just being inactive.
  3. Looks awesome. So many things to choose in that menu
  4. Recon

    Random Stuff

    Welcome to XM. Have fun stay active and read the rules. If you need anything PM me or any staff member
  5. Recon

    Local Currency Is Coming To Xbox!

    Where. Did u get this. You should put the source after it so your not taking credit for someone else's work
  6. Recon

    Local Currency Is Coming To Xbox!

    Do you make these yourself
  7. Recon

    100 Posts!

    Good luck. And congrats to getting to 100. Keep it up
  8. Recon

    600 Posts

    it's all good. I was just having a bit of fun.
  9. Recon

    Got Some Time.

    Great to see you again. Some things have changed since you were gone. But great to hear
  10. Recon

    Black Ops 2 Services?

    Monitorize does black ops recoveries. He can be trusted. I would talk to him
  11. Recon

    {Losmoddedlobby`s Service} [Open]

    just take a camera and take a picture of the tv with a modded lobby in the background. And just put a piece of paper saying xboxmodders with your username
  12. Recon

    {Losmoddedlobby`s Service} [Open]

    Add better proof. A couple YouTube videos aren't proof. Can you please add a screenshot of the lobby with a piece of paper on the screen saying xboxmodders and your username. If not then I will have to close this topic
  13. Recon

    Xbox One Unboxing (Official)

    great but I was just saying that to him. Because its almost impossible for me to find another Xbox to preorder. I'm going to try to sell mine once I get it. For double or triple the price if I can
  14. Recon

    Gold Giveaway

    Only four days left to enter