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  1. Anything happen while I was away? :P

  2. Sanctuary

    Staff Usernames

    I agree, but those hammers are not attractive.. And Supers and sectionals should have the same hammer
  3. Zeus said it didn't work for him. They stole his penny.
  4. Woohoo, creative mode. :D No more duplication glitch though. :c
  5. Where's the proof? There's no video.
  6. Awesome tut. :D TTG Gold, here i come. >:] Also, make the video unlisted so that this doesn't get found so easily and doesn't get patched up (if possible). That way, only XM members know about this (and hopefully don't release it).
  7. Sanctuary

    Site Giveaway! 4k | Ends 9-1-12

    -_______________________________- Why BassMachine? I chose 96 then.
  8. Sanctuary

    Site Giveaway! 4k | Ends 9-1-12

    You're all derps and spammers. /threadpruneban # 69 for me.
  9. Sanctuary

    I need suggestions for xbox colour

    Cobalt Blue is always an awesome color. Or pikachu yellow. Or orange orange. Or neon green. Stuff like that.
  10. Sanctuary


    -Just a forum game, no one is really getting banned- Ban the person above you for any reason you want, just a forum game.
  11. Sanctuary

    Fav. PC Game?

    What's your favorite PC game? And why? (I don't PC game, so I can't answer this one. :P)
  12. Sanctuary

    Modio vs Horizon?

    Simple question, which one do you think is better? I like Horizon better.
  13. Wtf... That's pretty over-priced for a soundtrack since the games gonna be out not too long from the release of the soundtrack and you can just youtube it or something a week after the game comes out.
  14. Sanctuary

    [Selling] Minus Accounts

    I've never even heard of that site until now. You should try selling something people normally buy, like AIM's or something. Good luck finding someone who'll buy these..