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  1. Get ready for Dark Phoenix with this sweet home entertainment set! View the full article
  2. Whether you're into a bean bag, racing chair, or one that doesn't look out of place in the office, here's our list of the best gaming chairs for folks on a budget. View the full article
  3. Getting back to your zombie roots on Nintendo Switch? We've got the full guides for Jill and Chris in Resident Evil HD. View the full article
  4. Retro mini consoles are awesome, and feature games from way back to WAY, way back. Here's our top picks. View the full article
  5. Kart racers are a bit of an enigma. They’re easily the most suitable racing games to play amongst friends, but they’re also capable of rapidly ruining relationships. They seem so lean and simple compared to the colossal car-PGs that dominate the realistic end of the racing spectrum, and yet for every bona fide classic – or even every cute, half-decent distraction – there’s a fistful of fetid, phoned-in flops based on the cheapest licenses money can buy. It’s obviously not as easy to put together a good kart racer as it looks. We’ve been speeding, sliding, and slinging weapons through kart racers on just about every bit of hardware conceived throughout the last quarter of a century. They’ve become a lot rarer these days, although this week sees the release of Sega’s Team Sonic Racing – and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled will be unleashed next month. Can either of this pair stand the test of time and make the cut next time around? Continue reading… View the full article
  6. Hearthstone’s new 2019 esports program is in full swing now, and the first stop on the Masters Tour is coming up in Las Vegas on June 15 – June 17. That tournament is going to be unlike anything Hearthstone has done before, with 350+ people competing in two days of Swiss rounds to determine who will go through to the top eight playoffs on the third day. Not only is this is the first Blizzard-run tournament of this size, it will also be a showcase for the game’s new Specialist format, which sees competitors bringing multiple decks for a single class. Most of the players in attendance will have earnt their spots through online Masters Qualifiers tournaments, but there will be 48 players who get an invite by default. These are Hearthstone’s Grandmasters: 16 players from North America, 16 from Europe and 16 from APAC, all of whom were invited to be Grandmasters based on factors like lifetime earnings or HCT points earnt during 2018. Continue reading… View the full article
  7. It’s all happening in the world of Hearthstone right now. Yesterday, Blizzard’s Team 5 announced a number of nerfs designed to address the power level of Rogue, hitting Preparation, Raiding Party and EVIL Miscreant; three of the core cards in the current build of Tempo Rogue. These changes are a reflection of how many powerful cards the class has right now – changing a single card just wouldn’t cut it. While the adjustments are relatively minor on their own, cumulatively they should reduce the power level of the archetype, and promote more diversity within the class. Continue reading… View the full article
  8. Welcome to IGN's Daily Deals, your source for the best deals on the stuff you actually want to buy. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use. We’ve compiled all the best Memorial Day Sales from around the web. These Memorial Day deals are the lowest prices we've seen for 2019 from Walmart, Dell, Amazon, Best Buy and more. We cover everything from computers, video games, and electronics to home improvement, kitchen electrics, and even mattresses. Click on the table of contents below to skip to a particular category or just scroll down and browse away. Continue reading… View the full article
  9. Amazon is reportedly getting veteran fantasy producer Bryan Cogman to consult for their upcoming Lord of the Rings series. According to sources close to Variety, Cogman, who served as both a writer and an executive producer on Game of Thrones, has already signed on to consult for the show, although Amazon told IGN they have no comment at this time. Cogman, whose most recent work includes writing for the second episode of Game of Thrones' final season, is also set to write for the upcoming live-action adaptation of The Sword in the Stone for Disney. Cogman was also tapped to write for a Game of Thrones spin-off series for HBO, but he told Variety the project was "not moving forward." Continue reading… View the full article
  10. The world of comics lost one of its most prominent artists on May 18, 2019 when Justin Ponsor died after a two-year long battle with cancer, according to a post made by his family on his professional Facebook page (via Newsarama). Ponsor, known to friends as J-Po, has been working primarily as a colorist for Marvel Comics since 2005 where he was a common name on high-profile titles like New Avengers, Spider-Men, Infinity, and Death of Wolverine, not to mention it was his palette seen across Marvel’s Ultimate line including Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four and Ultimate Spider-Man. Continue reading… View the full article
  11. The announcements keep coming. View the full article
  12. There are a lot of vehicles in Rage 2, here's how you can get them. View the full article
  13. The Switch is pretty sweet as-is, but add in some accessories like a second Nintendo Switch dock, a screen protector, and a Switch Pro Controller makes it even better. View the full article
  14. Looking for the next level gaming? We've picked out the best 4K gaming monitors that will give you the sharpest picture you've ever experienced. View the full article
  15. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use. One of the coolest pieces of merchandise to come out of last year's Avengers: Infinity War was the articulated Marvel Legends Series Infinity Gauntlet. The follow-up for Avengers: Endgame is a worthy successor, but it does one better than last year's model: you can actually buy one before it comes out. The Marvel Legends Series Endgame Power Gauntlet is in stock right now, and you can order it for its $99.99 list price, but I'd recommend acting quickly. As great as the Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet is, it sold out entirely too fast, driving up the price. You can still get it for list price at places like Best Buy, which is nice, but if you want to get last year's Infinity Gauntlet someplace like Amazon or Walmart, prepare to pay extra. Continue reading… View the full article