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  1. YoYo

    New Plugin!!!!

    Good plugin, will boost selling activity?
  2. YoYo

    Stock Investments

    I invested Amount of XM($1000 Minimum)- $1000 Aim- John.William2 Do you agree to ToS?- Yes
  3. YoYo

    That Xbox One Reveal Sure Was A Disaster, Huh?

    Its ugly. Like just a box. The controller looks like crap also.
  4. YoYo

    Staff Feedback

    Monitorize(Owner)-My friend said you are really cool and fun to chat with MrModz1999(Co-Owner)- I've seen you sometimes, seems good Whit3boy(Developer)- Never seen him but ive been told he is a good man Panther(Moderator)- Seems okay Darth(ShoutBox Mod)- Good Guy, good posts
  5. YoYo

    What the Next PlayStation and Xbox Need to Get Right

    Hand held games have gotten worse I think, so I think Hand held/Moblies will never win the Console vs Moblie. Thanks for the share!
  6. YoYo

    BlackDespair | Graphics and Designs

    Graphics/Design: (Signature,Avatar etc.) Avatar Size: (Avatar=200x200 | Signature=450/500/XXX x XXX/200/150) 200x200 Text(s): (What you want it to stand, leave blank if you wish a request without text) YoYo Color(s): (List all the colors you want in the request) Dark Green, not too dark Hex color is #009933 Resources: (Link me to the resources you want me to use, Renders/fonts etc.) http://www.dafont.com/capture-it.font Description: (Describe your request as detailed as possible) YoYo and if you can make a toy yoyo hanging of one of the Y's by the loop of the string.
  7. YoYo

    Almost anything for 500 XM Cash

    Service- VB Program Number of services wanted- 1 Description of service- Make a Spammer Do you agree to rules and ToS?- Of course
  8. YoYo

    Gold Giveaway [Verified]

    You Are TheBest You Have a Beatuiful body and a long, big, humongous.... Di... I mean Foot.
  9. YoYo

    Women Jokes

    Women athletics in a whole.
  10. YoYo

    Women Jokes

    Post Women jokes down Below!
  11. YoYo

    National Women's day

    Ha thats funny and i did not know that! women jokes are pretty funny! thanks for the share
  12. YoYo

    Top three richest users

    I like the idea, but an award sounds better as a rich user could spend all their money. It would be a pain for the admins to keep changing it. So a award would justify that the member was once one of the richest members.
  13. YoYo

    [Signature] Lelouch

    Thats really good, can you make me one? 10/10
  14. YoYo

    Modio vs Horizon?

    I like Horizon since it has many good features, But i also use Modio for other reasons
  15. YoYo

    Holy Crap Minecraft timelapse

    Thanks for sharing