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  1. Hypecritica

    Gta Iv W@w Mw2 Iso Disc Shop/for Sale (Open) [Cheap]

    This is legit, I already bought one, fast shipping. You have my vouch.
  2. Great price man, I'm sure this will sell. You got my vouch
  3. Hypecritica

    Bo1 And Mw3 Recoveries

    Legit, you have my vouch.
  4. Hypecritica

    My Video Tut on how to Rip IPB Skin :D

    It's an easy rip lol, that's why you chose it? lol
  5. Hypecritica

    My Video Tut on how to Rip IPB Skin :D

    lol 20 minutes to rip it lol but nice tutorial Tyson.
  6. Hypecritica

    Add @shoutbox Name Styling!

    You don't even need to do the second step editing the defaults.php in ftp.
  7. Legit, also the stream link isn't working. but 100% legit.
  8. Hypecritica

    Six tips to bombproof your password.

    Great topic man
  9. Hypecritica

    Opinion on my newest gaming skin (IPB)

    Looks great as always. Good job.
  10. Hypecritica

    Forum Software

    IPB is my favorite, but the others are good too
  11. Hypecritica

    Award request

    Ahh I see well now I see. Well.
  12. Hypecritica

    Award request

    Coder award. That's all? Gamertag Checker I made.
  13. Hypecritica

    How To: Make A Calculator in Visual Basics (2010)

    Good tutorial. It's a nice basic Calculator
  14. Hypecritica

    MalwareBytes Best free AV

    Hey so what is Empire? Is it the Empire of Hackforums?
  15. Hypecritica

    MalwareBytes Best free AV

    This is by far the best free AV, it finds every virus. Link to their site, and get the best free AV Click me