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  1. Cyan

    New Method Of Getting Online (Jtags)

    XBLHive has an Offical site here -----> http://www.xboxlivehive.com
  2. If you host again for me and some friends I will record man(:
  3. Cyan

    Gold Giveaway [Verified]

    Something random would be how much i love you enough to give you sex in a tree house while eating candy canes during summer(: but that's not random(;
  4. Cyan

    Blind Writing Name Game

    I ment "Cyan Designs is a mother fucking boss" but I put "Cyan Designs is a mother fucking viss" lol
  5. Cyan

    Blind Writing Name Game

    Cyan Designs is a mother f****ng viss Damn keyboard! *BOSS*
  6. An obsessed Taylor Swift fan was arrested near the singer's Rhode Island beach home early this morning after allegedly SWIMMING up to her pad ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement tells us ... a 22-year-old male from the Chicago area was taken into custody for trespassing after he admitted to swimming up to the beach in front of Swift's home around 2 AM. Here's the back story -- around 2:20 AM, cops spotted the man getting out of the ocean, around 1 mile from Swift's home. Cops approached the guy and asked him what he was doing in the water -- and the man allegedly told police he had just completed a swim, in which he intended to meet Taylor. Sources say ... the man told cops he swam all the way to Swift's beach, but saw her security team ... and decided to swim back to where he came from (roughly 2 miles round trip in cold water). The man was hauled to a nearby police station where he was booked for trespassing. He's still in custody. We spoke to the Westerly Police Dept. which tells us, "There is a zero tolerance policy for trespassers." The cops say they have already met with Taylor's security to discuss the matter. Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/05/15/taylor-swift-fan-arrested-singer-guest-home-rhode-island/#ixzz2TODKRuzp Visit the TMZ Store: http://tmzstore.com Source = http://www.tmz.com/2013/05/15/taylor-swift-fan-arrested-singer-guest-home-rhode-island/
  7. Check your PMs bro !

  8. Going For 200 Posts!!!!!!!!!! And The Release Of CyanExpress!

  9. Cyan

    ATV or Dirt Bike? [You Pick!]

    I just dont know what kind of ATV i should buy! i mean i have no spending limit so yeah PM your builds/buys to me(:
  10. Cyan

    ATV or Dirt Bike? [You Pick!]

    Hey guys just wondering what you would like to own Dirt Bike or ATV? I would prefer an ATV Reason: Dont have to balance that ***** (HAVE BAD BALANCE AHA) Its easy to use aha but id probably buy one and than buy a dirt bike aha Kind: Idc aha if it rides im good! Fast and Crazy and Dangerous!!!<3 So Now You Tell Me!
  11. Cyan

    Cyan's Cartoon Shop!

    Thank you man(: well be making an ALL around shop
  12. Cyan

    Cyan's Cartoon Shop!

    I know aha ive been using smaller lines now aha(:
  13. Cyan

    [VB] Simple YouTube View Booster

    Just if anybody looks at this again. heres Virus Scan!(: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2ff12caedf760f1214eaea382db39a778b728113d032aff065cbd513857fabb5/analysis/1368339821/