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  1. Hauppauge

    I Need Help

    if anyone would be nice to licence transfer me mincraft I would love you forever lost mine just a second ago and cant download it with ought paying
  2. Hauppauge

    Need Help Cant Decide

    iv recently been trying to figure out what kind of jtag I should get. if anyone has any input please help got the money to get one just don't know what to get
  3. Hauppauge

    My graphics portfolio!

    well *****
  4. Hauppauge

    My graphics portfolio!

    would you be able to make me a channel banner?
  5. Hauppauge

    Recordign service (Free)

    alright thanks for the suggestions thought about charging but didn't really know if I could price it right
  6. Hauppauge

    Gothkid72 Here

    welcome im also new here its a pretty good site that iv seen so far
  7. Hauppauge

    Im New

    thank you all for the nice welcome i think i will be staying active :) this site is looking very nice
  8. Hauppauge

    Recordign service (Free)

    currently am open only gonna be open for a couple hours though so if you need anything message me quick
  9. Hauppauge

    Recordign service (Free)

    XBOX ONLY CLOSED hey what's up guys i am starting a little shop for recording if you need something recorded just fill out the form below and i will try to help everybody out. what i record with: Hauppauge HD PVR currently i can only record MW2,MW3,BOPS2 trying to get WAW and BOPS Forum: what game (MW2,MW3,BOPS2): what do you need e to record(clips,lobbys etc): estimated time it will take: during week depends when i will be open because of school and stuff like that. on weekends i can probably do it in spare time witch is a lot so just comment down below with forum and i will get back to you Proof i record: http://www.youtube.com/user/ApexTrilogy live streaming may come later on when i upgrade my internet Donations are always appreciated, private message me before you donate please <3
  10. Hauppauge

    Were could i start a topic

    were could i start a topic letting people know that i can record so if they need something recorded they can contact me
  11. Hauppauge

    COD Lobbies by ModdjobZ (Any COD)

    i can record proof video if you want GT: ApexTrilogy
  12. invite ApexTrilogy will post legit when in and can record for fun if needed
  13. Hauppauge

    Im New

    hey whats up guys its Hauppauge and im a new member to this great looking site! hopefully I will try to stay active and help out members on the site and this site if you ever need something recorded like lobbies,clips if you snipe etc I could probably do it if im not busy I record with a Hauppauge HD Pvr as you can tell by my name so everything is HD quality